Telecoms giant saves time & money with HID technology

Austin, Tx (USA)

HID Global has successfully completed the implementation of HID Mobile Access and HID Signo readers in Claro, one of the largest wireless telecommunications companies in the world.

With several locations around the continent, Claro is the telecom leader in Argentina. There, the company has thousands of employees, so it was spending significant time and money maintaining stock for new credentials, replacing lost or broken ones, as well as purchasing supplies. Additionally, Claro saw the increasing need to improve traceability and ensure proper utilisation of the credentials given to Claro's staff.

Upgrading the existing access control system into HID Mobile Access was a logical step in order to increase convenience and efficiency without compromising security. Not only would employees be able to use their mobile device as a credential to access ports, networks and services, but Claro would also be able to remotely manage their credentials in a centralised, simplified manner.

HID Signo readers were also part of the upgrade, as they offer reliable performance and security. Beyond its sleek, modern design, this advanced reader supports an unmatched range of credential technologies. For Claro, this means the system is more flexible and future-proof.

Finally, with the HID Origo platform, the company was able to optimise its access control system and, at the same time, improve credential management and administration of identifications. Through the online management portal, Claro administrators can now quickly create, manage, issue and revoke credentials through the cloud.

"With mobile credentials stored on smartphones, employees can access offices and other areas more efficiently and conveniently using a short-range gesture (tap) or a simple intuitive long-range "Twist & Go" gesture, all while minimizing the risk of losing the credential, as it is less frequent for people to borrow, forget or lose their phones,” states Héctor Hernán Lissandrello, Physical and Electronic Security Analyst at Claro.

"We've worked with Claro year after year, and the trust they have on HID has ensured the successful deployment of HID Mobile Access in Argentina, as well as in the entire region,” says, Juan Alonso, HID’s Latin America Manager for PACS.

So far, according to HID, the company has issued more than 800 mobile credentials and installed about 100 Signo readers in its facilities. It plans to fully deploy Mobile Access in the months to come.


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