TagMaster wins order from nuclear fuel and waste company

Stockholm, Sweden

TagMaster, a producer of advanced RFID solutions for vehicle and people access installations, has received its first order for people and object identification from Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Co (SKB). SKB manage and dispose all radioactive waste from the Swedish nuclear plants. The order consists of LR-6 Readers and MarkTag MeM:s and will be installed at Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory during February, 2009.

The equipment will be used to identify people and objects at Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory (HRL) and will become an integrated part of the fire and security system. Äspö HRL is an underground laboratory where SKB compile and refine knowledge of all the processes that occur in a final repository of nuclear waste, and test different technical solutions on a full scale and in a realistic environment.

Using advanced RFID technology, the aim is to develop a secure system to detect and identify people and objects underground. The system will be developed in cooperation with NeoSys Presidio AB as part of a Nova FoU project. Nova FoU is a joint research and development platform at Nova Centre for University Studies, Research & Development in Oskarshamn, Sweden. The platform is supported by SKB and the municipality of Oskarshamn. The platform offers access to SKB's facilities, data and competence in Oskarshamn with the aim to generate positive spin-off effects beneficial to the progress of Oskarshamn and the region.

The order is of strategic importance in many aspects. Firstly, SKB is recognized world-wide for its forefront position in its core business; managing and disposing of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants, in a manner that complies with extremely stringent standards. This position is also reflected in IT and security systems. Hence, TagMaster has in SKB an excellent customer with regards to end-user feedback, product development and creditability. Secondly, the SKB order is the first commercial order of the new MarkTag MeM, which was launched at the Intersec trade show in Dubai 18-20 January, 2009. Thirdly, with this order, TagMaster enters the people access market niche, which is a target application area for the company. Last but not least, the cooperation between SKB and TagMaster could result in additional orders already within six to nine months.

"We are honoured and very enthusiastic to start working with SKB. The team and I have had SKB on the top of our most wanted customer list since the initial contact was made. TagMaster will do its outmost to exceed customer expectations in order to secure a long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation. We will also become part of the Nova FoU project, which perfectly fits with our ambitions to become a top-tier company in chosen market niches." says Christopher Grahn, president and CEO of TagMaster AB.

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