Tagmaster targets the German market

Stockholm, Sweden

Tagmaster is strengthening its position in the German market and other German-speaking countries, as the company now has collaboration with the three largest integrators in the German market as a subcontractor of RFID sensors for access control solutions.

The collaboration means that the integrators in their solutions for end customers can offer Tagmaster's RFID sensors together with customised software

“This is a breakthrough for us as we enter a large new market. The potential lies in adding value to the integrators' solutions because our products are safer than the alternatives, provide more information and are more cost effective”, said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.

The integrators that Tagmaster now collaborates with - Bosch Sicherheitssysteme Germany, Swiss Dormakaba and German phg Peter Hengstler – are strong in addition to the German market in Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. Tagmaster, through its partners, reaches approximately 20 percent of the German market for access control.

“We will now intensify the marketing in the markets to which the collaboration applies to make us well known there. We have not focused on these markets in the past and expect positive results”, said Jonas Svensson.


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