Survey reveals biometrics is gaining traction with the public

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear (UK)

A recent survey by Mastercard and the University of Oxford shows how British consumers are increasingly eager to use biometrics as part of the purchasing process with 93% of consumers saying they would choose biometrics over the traditional security measures.

Ievo says that their own fingerprint readers are primarily designed for commercial use, and that the growth of biometrics in the consumer sector is continuing at a relentless apace with British consumers, in particular, feeling at home with the new technology.

Unlike the security sector, however, the survey also reveals a major knowledge gap concerning biometric technology, with 92% of financial services professionals wanting the technology despite only 36% of decision makers actively working on its deployment having adequate experience.

Shaun Oakes, Managing Director of Ievo Ltd, commented, “It’s an interesting survey but the commercial and consumer sectors are very different in that whilst our products are specified for fixed installations, the consumer sector, particularly that of financial services, is increasingly concentrating on the deployment of mobile biometrics for consumers and driving the trend towards a password-free future where digital identity is all about who we are, not what we remember.”

“There are obviously areas of crossover between the two but the main point of the report, I think, is that biometrics recognition devices will increasingly become part of everyday life for the majority of people whether in the workplace or at leisure. It is the idea of convenience that is driving this trend, the convenience of not having to remember a password, or a ID card, the convenience of the individual being the credential for identification.”

“At Ievo, we are determined that our constant investment in Research and Development will keep the company and our fingerprint reader products at the cutting edge of this boom in biometrics.”


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