Standards institute upgrades access with Nedap & Dormakaba

Groenlo, The Netherlands and Berlin, Germany

After a complete modernisation of the German Institute for Standardizations, DIN, the organisation wanted to create a flexible working environment and standardise its system. To meet these requirements Dormakaba's access controls systems and Nedap's readers for automatic vehicle identification and visitor management were selected.

At the DIN headquarter, a complete renovation was carried out from 2017 to 2020 – into a modern building that meets the current and future requirements of the working world and supports the constant change of the organisation. Under the requirements of KfW70 and efficient building management, the property was dismantled down to the basic static structure and rebuilt in all areas to the current standard. The main goal was to break up the old, small-scale floor plan structure and transfer it to a flexible working environment. In terms of a modern and transparent appearance, the main entrance and foyer area have also been redesigned and the staff restaurant has been placed openly on the street front.

Interconnected buildings

Around 750 of the company’s own employees and those of the tenants work in the interconnected buildings. Security plays an important role for the company. DIN already had access control and separate time recording, but they wanted to standardise their systems. Therefore they were looking for a combined system for time recording and access control including visitor management from a single source. They were looking for a service provider with a comprehensive portfolio and a contact person for implementing the complete solution. 

Nedap’s ANPR Lumo 

The modern, PoE-capable terminals 97 40, which were installed at the respective entrances and in front of certain areas such as the bistro, were chosen for time recording. The access management system Kaba Exos manages the access rights of all employees as well as the electronic and mechanical locking components in one system. Based on a detailed security concept, online readers are installed on all external doors to the building, which employees use to identify themselves with their ID when they enter the building. These doors are additionally equipped with SVP locks and connected to the intruder alarm system.

If employees comes by car, they drive in front of the barrier to the underground car park. To ensure that only employees have access to this car park, the Kaba Exos system in combination with Nedap’s all-in-one license plate camera ANPR Lumo allow the identification of vehicles based on their license plate. The ANPR Lumo reader recognises license plates on the fly in milliseconds, transmits it to the access control platform from Dormakaba which controls the barrier to allow automatic handsfree access of all authorised vehicles. The ANPR Lumo license plate reader contributes to a fast and smooth access to the underground carpark and reduces queuing and stressed employees. Deep learning analyser algorithms combined with integrated IR illuminator allow day and night operation and enable a very high recognition accuracy.

“The DIN installation proofs the close corporation of 2 quality brands in the security industry. The portfolio of Nedap Identification Systems is the perfect addition for Dormakaba when vehicle and visitor management is required,” said Jan Hofman, Business Development Manager at Nedap Identification Systems Visitor management with Nedap’s NVITE.

Visitor access

In addition to employees entering the building, DIN also welcomes many visitors every year. Nedap’s multi-technology reader Nvite was introduced to ensure an optimal welcoming experience and to prevent the risk of unauthorised persons entering the building. Visitors are registered by the employees in the Kaba Exos system in advance and receive a QR code for access by email or text message. When visitors arrive, they scan the QR code with Nedap’s Nvite reader at the turnstiles in the two foyers. Nedap’s Nvite reader enables contactless identification to give visitors efficient and quick access to the outer perimeter of the building like carpark, elevator or reception hall. This multi-technology reader supports simultaneously different technologies such as QR, smart cards, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) and is therefore a perfect solution for visitor management.

The entire system, including the alarm system and video surveillance of the outer shell, the entrances and the underground car park, was installed by Knorr Alarm und Elektronik GmbH from Berlin, which also played a key role in advising and planning the security concept.

DIN is very happy with the improved security and access control system. This modern project management also ensured time-saving implementation and clean installation of the equipment and systems at DIN.

“The DIN building is now comprehensively secured and we have a uniform system for time recording and access control. The system works smoothly and has met all our expectations,” said Markus Draga, Group leader facility management at DIN e.V. Berlin.


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