Smiths helps Japanese airline revolutionise security checks

Tokyo, Japan

Image courtesy of Smiths Detection

The Japan Airlines Co., Ltd (JAL), Japan’s largest airline, has selected Smiths Detection to deploy its leading security screening technology at Naha International Airport, Okinawa.

Smiths Detection will supply an ecosystem of passenger baggage screening technology, comprising five Hi-Scan 6040 CTIX Model S, Ilane.evo and UV light modules (UVC). The systems will be installed by May 2024 and will significantly improve passenger experience and future proof security screening.

The Hi-Scan 6040 CTIX Model S, a computed tomography (CT) X-ray scanner with a small footprint, produces high-resolution volumetric 3D images for quicker and deeper baggage assessment and low false-alarm rates. Implementation of the new scanner will allow passengers to leave their liquids and electronics in their hand luggage, which in turn will help to speed up security screening, whilst ensuring that safety is not compromised. The Ilane.evo is a smart automatic tray return system which increases passenger throughput and eliminates bottlenecks. Smiths Detection’s UVC is an automatic tray disinfection system using UV light which kills 99.9% of bacteria. The system is seamlessly integrated into the Ilane.evo.

Together these systems reduce touchpoints for passengers and security operators in the airport as well as reducing overall costs through operational efficiencies and lower energy usage.

Smiths Detection’s North & South Asia Market Head, Aurelien Guilbert said, “JAL is a long-standing customer of Smiths Detection and we are delighted to be supplying them with more of our industry-leading technology at another airport in Japan. We are collaborating to stay ahead of the security curve to safeguard passengers while concurrently improving their airport experience.”

Smiths Detection’s industry-leading CT scanner with low levels of energy consumption is already deployed throughout Japan across major airports as well as 143 Ilane.evo units.


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