Security Control Room market to rise to USD 10B by 2023

Hadapsar, India

The security control room market is expected to grow from USD 7.20 billion in 2018 to USD 10.00 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 6.80% between 2018 and 2023, according to the latest information from Marketsandmarkets. The research company attributes the growth of the security control room market to government initiatives, modernised policies, and regulations to increase public security and safety worldwide, as well as the increasing need to keep an eye on criminal activities and forecast natural disasters to avoid huge losses.

Control room technology has various service offerings including installation, managed services, and maintenance and support services. Efficient services are an integral part of a control room as well as being able to work effectively in a critical working environment. This is expected to drive the growth of services offering during the forecast period.

The market for the industrial safety application is expected to hold the largest share of the security control room market between 2018 and 2023. Industrial safety applications are evolving at a high rate as these are chiefly used in manufacturing plants such as oil and gas and nuclear plants. Along with the growing industrialisation worldwide, the need for industrial safety systems is increasing to protect human resources, industrial machinery, and manufacturing plants, in case any process goes beyond the allowed control margins. A control room in industrial safety plays a critical role as it has to deal with critical operations taking place in a controlled environment. The control room and industrial safety programmes play a key role in the management of industrial plants.

The market for transportation vertical held a major share of the security control room market in 2017. Transportation is a diverse segment that requires control room solutions specific to rail control, port control, traffic management, and fleet management. For most applications, an intelligent transportation system (ITS) minimizes congestion and improves safety, combining security and general surveillance with analysis of large transport network topologies. A typical transport control room operates 24/7 and is specifically designed to provide the best ergonomic solution for the safety and comfort of its operators.

North America held the largest share of the security control room market in 2017.  North America, being a technologically advanced and developed region, is a leading market for control room technologies. North America has the first-mover advantage in the adoption of new technologies such as smartphones and cloud platforms. Its strong financial position also allows it to heavily invest in leading tools and technologies for effective business operations. These advantages give North American organisations a competitive market edge.

The security control room ecosystem includes manufacturers and resellers such as ABB (Switzerland), Barco (Belgium), Black Box (US), Harris (US), Motorola Solutions (US), Tyler Technologies (US), Eizo Corporation (Japan), and Zetron (US) amongst others.


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