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EMEA remains the largest region with a 75 percent share of the total number of users, states Lennart Alexandrie, publisher at AR Media International.

The interest in news from the security industry is on the rise, which is confirmed by the traffic statistics for 2023. During the year, Google Analytics registered close to 400,000 users and over one million page views.

“Only during the pandemic year 2020 have we had a higher number of users (402,609 users) registered,” comments Lennart Alexandrie, publisher at AR Media International and the website's editor.

EMEA, i.e. Europe, Middle East and Africa, remains the largest region (296,788) with a 75 percent share of the total number of users, of which Europe accounts for 70 percent (277,359). For the Nordic region – that is, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland – 196,265 users were recorded in 2023.

“This is the highest number of Nordic users we have ever had and it is the increasing number of users in Sweden that accounts for the entire increase. Sweden and Norway at the top

Scandinavia in the top

When it comes to Nordic traffic, Sweden thus accounts for the most users (136,725) during the year. This is followed by Norway (30,921 users), Denmark (19,038 users), Finland (9,500 users) and Iceland (81).

“Neither Finland nor Iceland has a local market edition on Sweden, Norway, and Denmark have their own market editions where news is published every day about what is happening in their market in their respective languages. The Finnish and Icelandic traffic mainly goes to the English-language global market edition, says Lennart Alexandrie.

Great Britain and Ireland are strongholds

If you take the whole of northern Europe, and that includes Great Britain and Ireland as well as the Baltics, we are talking about a total of 234,141 users.

“Above all, Ireland and the UK are good strongholds for with over 37,000 users during the year."

Frequent Indian and American users

After EMEA comes Asia, which accounts for 14 percent of users. Here, it is Southeast Asia that dominates, mainly since 27,695 users from India attracted to the website during the year.

In the Americas, which accounts for 10 percent of the total number of users, has the most users from the United States (35,690), followed by Canada (2,277) and Mexico (533). The remaining 1 percent is made up of Australia and New Zealand in Oceania.

“The fact that professionals from India and America are frequent users of the news site is certainly related to the fact that they are big English-speaking countries and can safely follow what is happening in the security market via the global market edition, alternatively enter the news section for the North American, British or Middle Eastern market edition via the menu," comments Lennart Alexandrie.

In total, was visited by 396,228 users from 229 countries.


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