Raising resolution… in a future-proof solution

Hoofddorp,The Netherlands

The new solution needed to be scalable, as this would be a system that will be expanded in the future.

Large industrial units often have a large area requiring quite disparate security needs. Hikvision has a wide range of technologies to cater for just about every need, as was recently seen by a rubber producer in Poland.

Kabat Tyre, in Budzyń, producers of rubber products for industry and agriculture, including rubber mats, machine tyres and inner tubes. When it came to developing a new security system to cover its 30,000 m2 production plant, Kabat turned to system integrator Tel-Kom Serwis, which used Hikvision products to deliver a high-resolution fit-for-purpose solution that was also scalable for any future development.

Old systems with no flexibility

Kabat Tyre needed to overhaul their security system which was smaller and using lower resolution devices from different manufacturers. They needed to provide hi-res observation for their production halls, warehouse, office building and outdoor areas, particularly to allay their fear of theft from the plant and to provide peace of mind and operational support in case of accidents.

In some areas, image quality in difficult lighting conditions was a particular concern. Not every part of the large area is well lit. Landfills for black rubber products (for example tyres) do not reflect the light well, making them difficult to observe with cameras of lower sensitivity.

In addition to this, they needed reliable motion detection and the ability to combine independent recorders into one system.

The system needed to provide all of this in a scalable way, as this would be a system that will be expanded in the future. They wanted to be able to add new features at an affordable price, without a nasty surprise when the bill came in. This was particularly challenging since they could not know what functions they will need.

Sharper images… even in the dark

Tel-Kom Serwis built a solution for Kabat based around five embedded 4K NVRs (DS-9632NI-I8 and DS-7716NI-I4). These provided a strong core for the solution, also using iVMS 4200 software to manage all of the cameras, all operating within one LAN.

For the outdoor placements, numerous ultra low-light smart bullet cameras (DS-2CD4B26FWD-IZS) were used. These use Hikvision’s Darkfighter technology to provide bright, colourful images even in very low light conditions.

To cover the internal areas of the production hall and corridors, the EasyIP 2.0 plus fixed cameras (DS-2CD2T42WD-IS) were installed, and IR fixed cameras (DS-2CD2142FWD-I) monitored the office.

The tyre testing points needed a slightly different device, since temperature exceptions needed to be monitored to protect against potential fires. So here, a thermometric bullet camera (DS-2TD2136T-15) was used.

With hi-res images, even in the darkest areas, security operators have a much better view of what’s happening across the whole 3.5 hectare site.

Arkadiusz Wierzbicki, from Tel-Kom Serwis, says: “A Hikvision solution made perfect sense to deliver this solution for Kabat Tyre as it provides easy installation, reliability, intuitive operation and good image quality. There are also no hidden costs, which was important for the ongoing development of their system.”

So Kabat Tyre now has a high resolution solution that brings all of its security needs together in a system that can be expanded to meet their changing needs in the future.

According to the company, Kabat’s investor was so satisfied with the quality of the system, that it is already in talks with Tel-Kom Serwis about expanding it further. It is planned to build more halls increasing the production potential, in which CCTV systems and access control will be installed by Tel-Kom Serwis.


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