Quanergy and Convergint partner on mission crictical markets

San Jose, Ca and Schaumburg, Il (USA)

A partnership has been agreed between Quanergy and Convergint, and together, the two companies aim to deliver enhanced perimeter intrusion detection capabilities for the utilities industry. Under the agreement Convergint is collaborating with Quanergy to design, engineer and implement various security solutions to provide early detection with hyper accuracy and faster response times.

Convergint offers intelligent, highly scalable, and agile IoT and physical security solutions that give customers the visibility and data they need to secure their facilities. Convergint’s offerings enable the convergence of physical security, IT, IoT and an ecosystem of API software to create operational efficiencies through automation.

Convergint will harness the potential of Lidar technology in its solutions by integrating Quanergy's offerings. The incorporation of a 3D Lidar based solution would provide an exceptional level of situational awareness and unprecedented insights, thereby unlocking several market opportunities that are beyond the scope of conventional security solutions. Quanergy's solution, for instance, can effectively track individuals in crowded areas and allocate distinct identifiers to hundreds of people with extremely high accuracy, a remarkable feat providing a competitive advantage in the security industry. Additionally, Quanergy's solutions are tailor-made for the security industry, prioritising ease of use and deployment to enable customers to scale and future-proof their deployments effortlessly.

Steve Sinclair, director, utilities vertical markets, Convergint, said: “Quanergy provides solutions that span numerous aspects of our customer portfolio. Convergint is growing its security integration and expanding to sensor integration, and this technology helps us build a bridge in capabilities between physical security and operational benefits. It is therefore shaping our position in the utilities space.”

Gerald Becker, vice president of market development and alliances, Quanergy Solutions, Inc., said: “Quanergy's Lidar solutions enhance physical security by detecting and tracking intruders in real-time with an exceptional degree of accuracy. This enables security organisations to pinpoint when and where the threat is occurring, to dispatch guards to the exact location, and help prevent crime before it happens. This is a game changer, and we are excited to partner with Convergint to help secure utilities around the world.”


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