New partnership offers benefits in Zero Trust strategy

Munich, Germany

IC Consult, a world leading consultancy, system integrator, and managed services provider for identity-driven cyber security has entered into a strategic partnership with Axiomatics, a leader in next-generation authorisation solutions. This partnership aims to bolster an enterprise security architecture by leveraging Axiomatics’ AI-driven authorisation solution.

Axiomatics specialises in fine-grained, runtime authorisation technology with its policy-driven authorisation solutions. Incorporating Axiomatics’ Policy Companion, a generative AI-driven approach for policy design, advances IC Consult’s service offering of advanced solutions that protect applications and data, reinforcing the foundation of a robust identity-first strategy.

"Axiomatics‘ leadership in dynamic authorisation is a key asset to our IAM portfolio, offering our clients sophisticated solutions to manage access at scale,“ said Andre Priebe, CTO at IC Consult. "Integrating their AI-driven policy management tools into our services enhances our ability to implement Zero Trust security models that are both flexible and robust.“

"IC Consult’s rich experience in the identity space makes them a great partner for Axiomatics, as we look for more ways to deliver policy-driven authorisation to global enterprises,“ said Scott Hubert, vice president of strategic partnerships at Axiomatics. “We are pleased to partner with IC Consult and know that our combined expertise will break down the barriers to adoption of a policy-driven authorisation, which is at the heart of a successful Zero Trust strategy.“

The strategic partnership between IC Consult and Axiomatics aims to drive significant advancements in realising the benefits of a Zero Trust strategy, offering scalable, AI-enhanced solutions that meet the complex security needs of modern digital enterprises. Through this partnership, clients will benefit from an integrated approach to IAM, combining IC Consult’s comprehensive services with Axiomatics‘ cutting-edge authorisation technologies.


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