Nelysis agrees new partnership in Switzerland

Isola Vicentina, Italy and Zurich, Switzerland

Nelysis has agreed a new technology partnership with Fast Systems, Switzerland, a world leading producer of PSIM with a multisensor geospatial fusion approach.

Fast System’s Terra 4D is a physical security information management (PSIM) solution designed to facilitate incident detection, security and safety related incidents, and presenting complex information in a simplified geographical 3D context.

Commenting on the partnership, Enrico Dani, CEO of Nelysis Europe, said: “Our Vanguard cyber security platform is perfectly in synergy with Fast System’s Terra 4D. We are now able to provide our clients and partners with a total shield of security, where the physical as well as the cyber-attacks are monitored and properly displayed on a state of the art 3 dimensional PSIM solution in order to offer overall and optimal situation awareness.

Fast has extensive experience in designing, implementing and maintaining large-scale security, public safety and industrial projects. The company's innovative solutions protect cities, nations, borders and private concerns from internal and external threats, enabling our customers to manage complex challenges in a cost-effective manner.


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