Nedap agrees partnership with Alphatronics

Groenlo, The Netherlands and Lokeren, Belgium

Nedap Identification Systems has entered into a strategic cooperation with Alphatronics, a Belgian manufacturer of access control solutions containing automatic and manual barriers, parking systems, turnstiles, digital signage columns, custom-made digital terminals and other access control systems.

By combining Nedap’s long-range RFID and ANPR readers and Alphatronics’ purpose-built aluminium Strongline column, the company aims to offer a total vehicle access control solution, in order to ensure automatic and smooth flow of vehicles at the gate, without compromising the security level.

Alphatronics is a Belgian family business of innovators. Since 1987, they have been transforming the future of “Access Technology” with high-quality solutions combined with advanced product expertise. Alphatronics’ mission is to provide access management solutions with exclusive design and innovative technology to optimise, unburden and share information for cities and companies.

“Nedap is a major player in access control solutions. Their values and objectives match perfectly with our values. The combination of Nedap’s ANPR Lumo license plate camera and our aluminium Strongline column, offers our customers a reliable solution which is easy to install. We aim for a sustainable and innovative collaboration,” explains Jasmien Vanvooren, CEO at Alphatronics.

Strategic partnership for automatic vehicle identification

To optimise the vehicle throughput at gates, Alphatronics and Nedap join forces. The partners are doing this by combining Nedap’s ANPR reader and Alphatronics’ purpose-made aluminium column. This joint solution makes it possible to identify vehicles automatically with the highest accuracy. Depending on the application and site restrictions, a flexible solutions is ready to be installed.

In addition to the integration of both complimentary solutions, Alphatronics is also partnering up with Nedap by making bespoke, custom-built equipment into which Nedap’s products fit seamlessly. For example, Strongline columns that house Nedap’s ANPR Lumo.

Alphatronics and Nedap are currently rolling out the first projects in Belgium. “Sharing the same corporate values, I’m glad to announce that we teamed up with Alphatronics. A partnership which is also beneficial for our System Integrators seeking bespoke mounting solutions,” says Wouter Vansteenkiste, Sr. Channel Manager at Nedap Identification Systems.


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