NEC celebrates 125 years of innovation & strategic success

Tokyo, Japan

Takayuki Morita is the President and CEO of NEC in Japan. The company is celebrating 125 years this year and has strong plans for the future. Image courtesy of NEC

This year in particular is especially meaningful for the NEC Group, as the company celebrates an incredible 125 years of business.  Here, President and CEO, Takayuki Morita, starts the year 2024 with a look back at the company's long history, last year's achievements, and the goals and expectations for the coming years.

"From the telecommunications equipment we have produced since our founding to biometrics systems that now enable breakthroughs in various industries, NEC continues to be an innovative partner whose solutions for society improve our lives every day," states Morita.

Looking back at 2023, he can see that the company has so much to be proud of, "including the addition of generative AI services, “cotomi,” to our technology portfolio, and the expansion of NEC’s biometric and AI solutions that are contributing to greater safety, security and health. Moreover, we have reinforced important business relationships with customers and partners such as Microsoft, AWS, SAP, Service Now and Celonis, which are driving the growth of digital and corporate transformation globally."

"It was also a year in which we saw our contributions to society reflected in strong business performance and a rising share price. While we are grateful for this recognition, we renew our commitment to build and strengthen the trust that you, our customers and our partners have placed in our company."

Looking ahead through 2024

"We will continue to break new ground in the development of cutting-edge technologies, and we will actively expand the applications of our generative AI services, "cotomi," initially in Japan. We will also greatly advance our initiatives in support of digital transformation, including digital government and digital finance. These important initiatives will reduce costs, improve security and expand services for partners on a global scale," confirms Morita.

He believes that 2023 was the “Year of Transformation” for NEC, when the company implemented a range of strategies to achieve that goal. "One of the major strategies was to change our organisational structure to maximize our ability to provide value to our customers globally. Today, I see this initiative is gaining momentum thanks to the efforts made by all members of NEC, and step by step, we will continue to drive this transformation further in the new year."

2024 will be the “Year of accelerating changes and execution.”

"As these transformations bring us forward, we are always guided by the NEC Group’s Purpose, which is to create the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. Realising this Purpose is a top priority for each member of the NEC Group as we continue to grow and contribute to society. Moreover, we are more committed than ever to promoting inclusion and diversity and fostering an environment in which a diverse range of people can make the most of their unique and amazing abilities."

"NEC’s Mid-term Management Plan 2025 is now in its fourth year, and we can clearly see the path towards achieving our goals. As we continue to capitalize on innovation and move forward as One NEC, I am excited about 2024, the new value we will provide, and I thank you for your ongoing support," concluded Takayuki Morita.


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