Milestone appoints VP for people and transformation

Copenhagen, Denmark

Ditte Høyrup-Myhre, Vice President, People, Organization & Site Operations, Milestone Systems.

Milestone Systems has appointed Ditte Høyrup-Myhre to the position of Vice President, People, Organization & Site Operations. Milestone Systems’ People, Organization & Site Operations team is responsible for organisational development, talent management, performance management, employer branding & recruitment, HR administration and onboarding & offboarding, among others.

As the new Vice President, Ditte Høyrup-Myhre will oversee several critical People & Organization initiatives within Milestone Systems’ People First objective, increasing the innovation capacity and capability as well as managing the Culture Shaping programme, Employee Experience and agile ways of working. All initiatives spring from Milestone Systems’ overall business growth strategy with the goal to increase the company’s innovation capacity by 45 percent.

Another important initiative which Ditte Høyrup-Myhre will be driving is the further development and anchoring of Milestone Systems’ performance management into a more agile set-up. All initiatives will enable the organisation to scale better, innovate faster and attract more talent.

“Milestone Systems is in a very exciting phase, where we want to re-think the way we inspire and lead our people and run our business. Doing so while staying true to our entrepreneurial DNA requires both a strategic and operational approach. Ditte Høyrup-Myhre has exactly this kind of capability with her proven leadership skills particularly within change management and organisational development. We are very excited to have Ditte on board,” said CFO Lars Larsen, Milestone Systems.

“It will be an interesting challenge to support Milestone Systems’ journey towards a more agile organisation. It will be a fine equilibrium of operating with just the right level of formal structures versus creative independence. I’m very pleased to be part of leading this journey,” says Ditte Høyrup-Myhre.

Ditte Høyrup-Myhre is an experienced leader of transformations with a proven track record of leading organisational change and innovation.


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