Mass Notification market predicted to more than double by 2026

Northbrook, Il (USA)

The market for Mass Notification Systems (MNS) is expected to grow from USD 8.0 billion in 2020 to USD 27.3 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 20.5% during the forecast period according to the latest information coming from research specialists, Marketsandmarkets. Rising demand for public safety and security to boost the adoption of MNS, and increasing implementation of IP-based notification devices is cited as driving the adoption of MNS on the market.

Increasing use of data by companies to know more about their core business processes  are thought to be driving the adoption of the managed services segment of MNS platforms during the forecast period. Third-party vendors’ offer managed services, and they monitor and maintain software operations. Managed services are important as they are specifically related to client experience. Enterprises cannot bargain on the variable, as it helps them in maintaining their market position. A technological domain requires well-delivered managed services. The services being offered must fit perfectly into the client’s environment. Technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility must be provided by the vendors regardless of the client’s location.

A rising need to secure data by large firms has been identified by the analysts as key to driving the demand for on-premises to hold a larger market size. Additionally, data security concerns among the end-users is contributing to the higher adoption of on-premises MNS solution globally. The on-premises MNS solution is mainly deployed by larger organisations due to their greater potential ability to invest. Moreover, large firms have a wide variety of business segments with a wider offering and a broader geographical reason for data security to be of utmost importance.

According to the research, North America is estimated to account for the largest share of the market in 2020. MNS can ensure optimum resource utilisation during emergency situations. They are able to minimize the loss of life and property. In April 2006, the Virginia Tech shooting had a critical legal aftermath, and the jury found the university guilty of negligence for the delay in warning the campus about the shooting. Prior information about the shooting could potentially have saved lives. The Clery Act outlines a clear need for MNS in schools and universities and colleges to reduce shootings and rates of other types of violence. The major growth drivers for North America are suggested as being an increase in the use of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and PCs at work. North America, especially the US, has the highest percentage of employees using mobile devices at work. This has led to significant penetration of MNS services in the region.

The major vendors named in the research as offering MNS solutions are IBM, Google, Motorola, Blackberry, Eaton, Honeywell, Siemens, Everbridge, Blackboard, Desktop Alert, Onsolve, Singlewire Software, Xmatters,  Regroup Mass Notification, Alertus, Johnson Controls, Federal Signal Corp, Rave Mobile Safety, Alertfind, ATI Systems Crisisgo, Omnilert, Catalyst Technologies, Omnigo, and Klaxon.


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