Major Scandinavian IT firm enhances access control

Stockholm, Sweden

Entrances of Evry facilities must provide a high level of security given the value and sensitivity of the work they do, as well as the presence of clients’ intellectual property and other data. When management was looking for a new entry design, they wanted a secure entry way, but also excellence in design, innovation and quality to elevate and support the perception of the firm - they found their solution with Boon Edam.

As one of the largest IT companies in Scandinavia, Evry provides comprehensive computing, IT consulting, and business solutions to Nordic companies, financial institutions, public sector entities, and health authorities. While security at Evry facilities is paramount, so is maintaining a leadership brand and accommodating a high flow of staff and visitors.

Bravida, the system integrator who installed the Lifeline Speedlane Swing speed gates integrated them with cutting edge access control technology that communicated with security personnel. The combination of this physical and technological access control delivered a highly effective solution that met Evry's needs for both staff and visitor access control.

“The reception area of an IT company like Evry was an ideal application for the Lifeline Swing speed gates,” explains Daan Van Beusekom, Product Manager Security Access, Royal Boon Edam. “The sleek, high-tech design of the turnstiles support Evry’s brand positioning, and they provide a high-throughput, secure solution that meet Evry’s demanding access requirements. The turnstiles also integrate with leading access control systems, making it easy to tie them in with Evry’s existing security strategies and systems.”

The Lifeline Speedlane Swing speed gates are available in a wide selection of dimensional and glass choices to support a range of needs, such as higher security levels or disabled access. It features a slim form factor that creates an almost invisible gateway – instantly conveying an impression of sleek design that is reinforced by futuristic light pulses that guide user actions. Available in a range of colours and finishes, it can be customised to blend in or stand out, depending on the need for the installation.


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