LPR reduces waiting time for visitors to Mont St Michel

Paris, France

Transdev Normandie is offering new services to users by integrating license plate readers with Thales's WiLiX car park management solution. The WiLiX solution was installed eight years ago and includes entry/exit control, dynamic signage and video intercom services at the 4,500-place parking facility at the Mont-Saint-Michel, one of France's best-known tourist attractions.

The Thales car park management system at the Mont-Saint-Michel entered service in 2012. The parking complex and access routes from La Caserne are equipped with a total of 38 vehicle entry/exit control stations, 10 automatic payment stations and a central control and supervision system.

New functions such as license plate recognition and contactless payment were recently rolled out at the various car parks to improve the user experience and ensure smoother flows of vehicles exiting the complex.

"Eight years after the opening of the public parking facility at the Mont-Saint-Michel, our partnership with Thales is still helping to keep our site running smoothly and improving the experience of our visitors. The addition of the new license plate readers fits perfectly to the quality of service offered to our visitors, making their stay more enjoyable and more convenient too." said Régina Dutacq, Operations Director, Transdev Mont-Saint-Michel.

"We are delighted to celebrate eight years of service at the Mont-Saint-Michel parking complex. We thank Transdev Normandie for their confidence and are happy to have an opportunity to continue our collaboration by adding license plate recognition to our original solution. The new function will speed up the vehicle verification process and help visitors exit the car parks more quickly." said Stéphane Meyer, Sales Director, Car Parks, Thales RCS France.


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