London's Riverscape enhances entrance system

London, UK

The Riverscape offices, a multi-storey building in London, were recently refurbished to upgrade the existing Boon Edam revolving doors and optical turnstiles. Now adorning the entrance are two all-glass Crystal TQ revolving doors, accompanied by an array of slim Lifeline Speedlane Swing optical turnstiles in the lobby.

The modern development sits on the sought-after area of the River Thames, and recently, the building owners decided to upgrade the look and feel of Riverscape, incorporating the current trends of open atriums, flexible floor space and usable rooftop space. The refurbishment project also included the replacement of legacy Boon Edam revolving doors and optical turnstiles with updated solutions. The client returned to Boon Edam when selecting their new entrance solutions.

At the main entrance to the office space, the existing TQM manual doors were replaced with two, tall Crystal TQ revolving doors. Constructed virtually completely from glass with minimal stainless steel accents, the Crystal TQ accentuates Riverscape’s all-glass façade, providing an elegant and timeless entry experience for all employees and guests.

In the main atrium space, the original Speedlane 900 optical turnstiles were upgraded to the new Lifeline Speedlane Swings. The Speedlane Swing combines security with aesthetics, and is particularly popular because it features the slimmest cabinets in the industry – only four inches wide.

To enhance security at the facility, Riverscape wanted a solution for monitoring and managing visitors to the office space. To achieve this, they decided to integrate the Lifeline Boost access control pedestal with their Speedlane Swing optical turnstiles. The Boost attaches to the end of the Swing and allows for integration with a variety of access control technologies, such as biometric devices, card collectors and barcode scanners.

Employees enter the work area by scanning their credentials at the turnstile itself, while guests are issued a temporary access card with a special barcode that is scanned at the Boost pedestal. The Boost retains the card, enabling the reception staff to eventually reuse that card for future guests.

“Using our barcode scanners, visitors can book in with reception, receive an entrance card and badge in and out conveniently through the lanes,” says Boon Edam Limited’s Field service Sales Executive, Graham Coulter.


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