Korean retailer enhances efficiencies with Nuuo

Taipei, Taiwan

Nuuo's VZIII solution is designed to achieve visualised insights in real-time to help shop-owners take action on optimising staff work schedules, in-store operations, and customer experience. 

A Korean famous food container brand has adopted and installed the VZIII solution at their flagship store since July 2017.  With the visual analysis system, they recognised that 90% of the in-store guests will stop over at the centre of the shop; they will also check on the showcases nearby. But, those displays at the front of the shop had fewer chances of being seen.   

After only one month of analysis, the VZIII solution provided enough data with a business strategy to suggest that the shop owner should add an attraction at each product zone, especially at the entrance to prolong the dwell time of visitors. As for the central area which was already the busiest visit area, this can be used as a reference to cross-refer with the add-on new attraction strategy being placed at other product zones.

A few weeks later, the owner found that visitor flow had been increased, especially during the weekend.  During week days, the busy hours are usually between 14:00 - 18:00 every day. With these newly analysed data, the shop manager decided to increase staff numbers at the shop to bring up the shopping experience for the client and sales performance for the business.

The VZIII solution helped to gather and build a data base across multiple channels, in order to drive the shop's traffic flow, increase sales conversion and achieve better customer loyalty.


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