Konica Minolta acquires Mobotix

Tokyo, Japan

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) has entered an agreement with the major shareholders of Mobotix AG to acquire approximately 65% of the share capital of the German IP video surveillance product manufacturer.

The estimated value of the deal 20 billion yen to 30 billion yen (177 million to 265 million US dollars).

Mobotix, with more than 400 employees and a sales of more than 80 million Euros – has a number of cutting-edge technologies including decentralised processing (edge computing) IP cameras, image data compression, and image data analytics technologies. In addition, Konica Minolta and Mobotix intend to enter into a collaboration agreement regarding future technological developments in the field.

With the acquisition of the stake in MOBOTIX, Konica Minolta intends to achieve the following objectives:

• Provision of next-generation network security solutions through cooperation in proprietary technologies of both companies. Konica Minolta aims to provide next-generation decentralized network security solutions by leveraging its industrial optical systems, including the 3D-LiDAR to scan, without errors or failed reports, wide areas at a high-precision level based on its proprietary optical technology, and Mobotix’s decentralized processing IP cameras and video management software (VMS) with a diversified processor.

• Development of workflow solutions across verticals. By utilizing the technology of both MOBOTIX’s decentralized processing IP cameras and VMS with Konica Minolta’s image sensing system, Konica Minolta will drive development of new products such as “Care Support Solutions” for monitoring residents at nursing care homes, or the solutions for monitoring workflow at manufacturing facilities that can help their workflow innovation.

• Broadening the distribution of Mobotix products and services. Konica Minolta will broaden the distribution of MOBOTIX products and their solution services by leveraging its global direct sales network and after-sales support and services systems.

Under its medium term management plan “TRANSFORM 2016”, Konica Minolta is determined to become a company that is supported by and is vital to society. In this regard, the company believes it is important to continue providing products and services to help solving social issues, including workflow improvement in workplaces.

Today, society is facing challenges in the increasing need for safety and security and demand for efficiency improvement in response to labour shortage.

Konica Minolta enters into this transaction to accelerate the breadth of its solution services business that can help customers solve their issues in various fields, digitalizing data acquired with the company’s proprietary technologies in optical images and sensing.

Mobotix is a manufacturer of IP video surveillance cameras and video management software. With image processors and storage embedded within the camera, Mobotix video solutions enable its customers to reduce server load and storage volume, which saves customers’ total cost of ownership. Mobotix distributes its products in more than 80 countries and has a great presence in Europe, especially in Germany.

The founder of Mobotix and the Dr. Ralf Hinkel has informed the company that he will stay in the supervisory board and will continue the strategic development of Mobotix.

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