Innovative technology & integration geared up for campus security

Langmeil, Germany

With a unique product portfolio consisting of hardware, software, services and intelligent partner solutions, Mobotix is able to offer precise mapping of the requirements for various industries. The latest technology offerings from the company can be used to protect people, facilities and infrastructure in schools, universities or private educational institutions.

Video technology from Mobotix offers help to prevent unauthorised access and regulate access to buildings or individual areas in a targeted manner. In addition, the door can be opened completely contactlessly, for example using RFID chip cards, access codes and identification of authorised persons based on their face. An overview in real time is possible and also helps in emergency situations - e.g. during evacuations - to find out whether and which persons are where.

At entrances and car parks, vehicles can be automatically registered via the license plate and compared with databases. The identifying video technology can thus efficiently restrict access to authorised vehicles or persons.

Using the new open video system platform Mobotix 7, numerous camera apps can be used for intelligent video analysis. Among other things, the applications can register, for example, ownerless luggage, stolen furnishings, can track down suspicious persons, count people, recognise overcrowding situations or alert when one or more virtual blocking lines are crossed for burglary protection. The robustness of the Mobotix hardware also protects the video technology of Mbootix itself against vandalism.

The use of thermal imaging cameras is also recommended in special areas. For example, an email can be sent to the building maintenance department if the system, which reacts to invisible heat radiation, detects increasing overheating in an IT server room before a dangerous fire breaks out.

For outdoor applications, the Mobotix M16 and M73 offer several simultaneous sensors in a robust, weatherproof design. The wide range of interchangeable sensor modules can be configured to meet the exact requirements of the educational institution in question - the aim is to detect dangers in time and thus thwart them: For example, a floodlight could automatically shine if an unauthorised person enters the campus outside of opening hours. If desired, this could also be combined with an acoustic warning.

While the communication infrastructure in the education sector is constantly improving, there are usually few resources (personnel, know-how) available for the maintenance of the technology. For this reason, the systems used must be stable and, if possible, maintenance-free and also protected against physical and digital attacks.

Mobotix offers an above-average "Mean Time Between Failures" (MTBF) of more than 80,000 hours, meaning that the follow-up costs of a Mobotix system are reduced to a minimum. Resources for technology support can be saved. Due to their durability and robustness, the company believes that these products are predestined for use in education and science.

"Particularly in the educational sector, the security of pupils, students, teaching staff, but also of equipment and facilities is of particular importance - real and digital. Mobotix has optimal solutions for this purpose that are robust, reliable and cyber secure. Solutions that help to make our educational institutions more convenient and secure," concludes Thomas Lausten.


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