Ievo helps European equestrian services comply

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear (UK)

Ievo solutions have been used to complete a Paxton Benelux access control system installation for European Horse Services by one of Ievo's Belgian partners, DB-Electrics .  A biometric system was preferred to combat secondary credentials (i.e. pass cards, badges, etc) being passed to others.

The biometric technology was used for a higher level of identity authentication, controlling access for staff working irregular working hours and controlling access to restricted and sensitive site areas that not all employees have access to.

The European Horse Services (EHS) are specialists in air transport of horses and this new system based on biometrics ensures compliance with stringent international regulations for this type of company.

In 2013 EHS devised plans for a new building in order to meet the ever more stringent international requirements. One of the requirements is that access rights should be fixed in terms of who is authorised to be in the vicinity of the horses. This is a must in a company operating a continuous 24/7 business, as international flights depart and arrive at all times of the day, and that also applies to transport vehicles that deliver or pick up horses to and from EHS.

EHS required an access control system that combined with personnel registration, and required a great deal of flexibility, in order that not only drivers and employees, but also the veterinary services and customs officials, would be able to enter the building at any time. On the other hand unauthorised persons should have absolutely no access to the quarantine areas and other sensitive locations within the building. Keys, badges, cards and PINs were going to be unsuitable as it is too easy to pass these credentials to others.

The challenge was set for Filip de Beukelaer of DB Electrics, a system integrator that the owner of EHS already knew from the equestrian world.

From experience, as a trained Paxton installer, DB Electrics knew that the Paxton hardware and software would meet the requirements when combined with other systems, and the problem was solved using biometric fingerprint scanners from Ievo. All crucial entrances, exits and authorised rights were provided via a biometric scanner combined with a Paxton door controller. An Ievo desktop scanner was placed on the central computer at the front desk, making it possible to add new fingerprints to the authorisation file when needed. The security cameras, fire alarm and automation were linked to the Paxton system, which eventually resulted in one integrated system.

This new integrated system at EHS offers numerous advantages. No one is able to pass unnoticed through a security door, because it can only be opened after scanning an authorised fingerprint. Each user can be logged into the system at which they are given the right to pass through a door. This gives a high degree of security, but also provides information about who is present at any time and their location in the property. In key areas there are cameras for additional visual information. A link to the home automation system also provides savings as lighting is not required when there is nobody present. 


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