Iconic Parisian department store selects Qognify VMS

Pearl River, NY (USA) and Paris, France

The newly renovated Samaritaine building is now re-opened and include a department store, a hotel, a daycare centre and social, Image courtesy of Qognify

After an extensive series of renovations and reconstruction, which included a new physical security system using the Qognify VMS the new Samaritaine complex in Paris now offers a mixed development, including, in addition to the department store, a Cheval Blanc Hotel in the Art Deco part on the bank of the river Seine, offices, a day care centre and 96 social housing units.

The Samaritaine building was bought by LVMH Group in 2001, but had to be closed due to the structural security reasons in 2005. After the renovations were finished in 2020, the Covid pandemic then delayed the opening of the new department store by yet another year, which finally took place on June 23, 2021.

Novadis, a long-time partner of Qognify, was in charge of implementing the physical security installations for this building complex in the heart of Paris. Nicolas Jdanoff, project manager at Novadis, recalls how easy it was for them to choose the right video management software: “Our company always strives to offer state-of-the-art security solutions to ensure the smooth running of our clients‘ operations. Qognify‘s video management solutions already have proven themselves in other projects we manage. Thus, opting for Qognify VMS was almost a no-brainer.”

Mr. Jdanoff continues: “Wherever possible, we try to simplify the integration of the various security solutions in a way that not only meets the needs of operators, who want easy-to-use systems, but also of IT departments, who demand solutions that are both flexible and scalable.”

For this prestigious commercial and real estate complex, Novadis therefore advised to integrate Qognify VMS with the DDS Amadeus access control software. “Qognify VMS offers many different ways to either incorporate other security solutions or to deliver video footage and alarms to a third-party system.” the Project Manager explains. Today, the sites video surveillance not only has a preventive and deterrent effect, but also helps the control room staff secure access to all buildings 24/7. About 1,000 cameras are connected to the system. All of them can be displayed on the vast monitor wall in the state-of-the-art control centre of the La Samaritaine complex.

When the access control system transmits a door alarm, the security system automatically displays the video stream from the corresponding camera(s). If necessary, security personnel can immediately view the video archive to evaluate the situation at the relevant entrance.

To better secure the different sales areas within the department store, alarm buttons were installed all over the retail space to allow employees to discreetly raise an alarm should they experience any dangerous situation. If activated, the respective video feed is again instantly broadcasted to the control room to allow the security staff to immediately take necessary actions to remedy the situation.

From the very beginning, La Samaritaine intended to make the most of its investment in this integrated security solution and regularly counts on Novadis to guide it in the right direction. “Qognify VMS has enabled us to effectively protect the various sectors of La Samaritaine,” says Gilles Munch, Loss & Prevention Manager of the site. “From a day-to-day operational perspective, the video delivery has been perfect, we couldn’t be happier with the performance”

Mr. Munch concludes: “Qognify VMS has delivered everything we hoped it would. It has been extremely beneficial to not only have a close relationship with R Novadis but also with the Sales and Professional Services Team at Qognify, to set up and operate the modern centralised integrated security management system that we have today."


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