Hikvision and partners tackle retail security at Paris Show

Hangzhou, China

Hikvision will be participating at Paris Retail Week, held at the Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition centre from September 28th - September 30th 2021. Hikvision will be exhibiting its security and business intelligence solutions for the retail space in collaboration with technology partners Iretailcheck, Technis, Veesion and Weshop.

Retailers regularly lose out on time, money, and peace of mind due to shrinkage - with conservative estimates of annual losses averaging 35 billion euro in the European retail market. Hikvision solutions allow businesses to perform precise precision marketing analyses so they can make smarter, better, and more efficient business decisions. Hikvision solutions offer to safeguard the retailer, their employees, and their assets - catching theft in real time with advanced imaging technology.

Hikvision will be collaborating with leaders in the retail security ecosystem to create the integrated solutions we’ll exhibit at Paris Retail Week.

Iretailcheck’s solution is designed to reduce shrinkage from undeclared items at the checkouts and push- out theft using deep learning and real-time AI video analytics, improving store performance and efficiency.

Technis provides a solution for real-time customer flow management. The solution allows retailers to know and understand in-store visitor flow, delivering real-time information about customer flow.

In addition, Hikvision has partnered with Veesion to create an integrated theft detection and prevention solution. Veesion is a gesture recognition company for the retail industry, analysing gestures for suspicious behaviours associated with shoplifting.

Weshop provides a touch-screen POS system providing integrated cashier management, allowing for more efficient inventory management, sales statistics, and customer management. The partnership between Weshop and Hikvision makes instore monitoring at both manned and self-checkouts easier for retailers.

Hikvision’s seamless integration with partner technologies caters to a multitude of issues retailers encounter daily. These integrated technologies offer precise, innovative solutions to issues like theft prevention and detection, POS security, and customer flow management. By collaborating with partners in the market, Hikvision is at the forefront of driving innovation in the security industry.

Laurent Scetbon, Key Account Leader at Hikvision France, says: “We are excited to present Hikvision Business Intelligence solutions for retail. It is a very exciting time in the industry – we are seeing more collaboration with I.T. savvy partners who are focused on highly specific market applications like caddy count, precision marketing, digital signage, and flow control.

Our precision marketing solutions are enabled by Hikcentral Business Intelligence modules for people counting, queue management, heat mapping, and more. Digital signage solutions use data from precision marketing analytics to propose products and promotions to customers entering the store. Hikvision solutions help retailers to maximize the potential of their resources.”


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