Hikvision helps educational facilities to safely resume activities

City of Industry, Ca (USA)

Hikvision is helping to make the transition back to in-person learning easier for teachers, students and administrators with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology built into their Deepinview IDS 7 Series cameras. Designed with a host of intelligent features, Hikvision Deepinview Cameras provide a cost-effective solution for a myriad range of security and health safety applications including elevated temperature screening, social distancing and mask detection, active shooter detection, visitor management, and more.

“Our second generation Deepinview cameras with AI-driven intelligence Artificial Intelligence can help school districts get back into classrooms with advanced proactive health, safety and security capabilities,” said John Xiao, VP of Marketing, Hikvision. “Hikvision continues to make a significant investment in AI technology, moving which will continue to move physical security system solutions from passive to more proactive solutions across all vertical markets and applications.”

Hikvision Deepinview cameras provide a range of benefits made possible by AI to improve security in school offices, common areas and classrooms. With the ability to classify target objects, With multi-target and multi-type detection, the cameras can simultaneously recognise multiple attributes such as clothing colour, age, and identify if a person is wearing a backpack, hat, or glasses – even in a crowded school hallway.

Specific areas of the facility or premises can be monitored with alarms set to trigger for human only, vehicle only, or human and vehicle, providing proactive security while also helping to reduce false alarm notifications, improve video verification, and enhance alarm response efficiency. Improved Deepinview AI algorithms reduce false alarms by more than 95 percent. The cameras can detect human and vehicle overlapping and multiple targets overlapping. It also precisely detects a human with the detection bonding box, excluding the broader range of a human shadow, for enhanced monitoring and accuracy. It is even possible to automatically track specific individuals across a campus or school grounds using e-PTZ auto tracking, while conserving bandwidth and storage space by only storing video clips of objects flagged as important.

To help boost health initiatives in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hikvision Deepinview cameras offer attribute-based people counting. This feature enables people counting for individuals entering or exiting a specified area within a certain timeframe. The camera sends a threshold alarm if people density becomes too high, alerting school staff to reduce occupancy to comply with social distancing and other safety requirements.

Every Hikvision Deepinview camera contains an AI chipset that supports six different deep learning algorithms. Any algorithm can be enabled manually for dedicated use and changed to another one as needed for greater flexibility in any situation. Each camera is equipped with Hikvision’s Darkfighter technology for clear images in low lighting or changing lighting conditions. Hikvision Deepinview cameras also feature EXIR 2.0, H265+ video compression technology, support for metadata, five video streams, and up to five custom streams for easy third-party integration. Seamless streaming improves video quality across varying network conditions. IPCs can also smooth and complete videos through smooth streaming technology when the network bandwidth is insufficient, or when the network environment is not stable.


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