HID enables employee verification at Mexican mining operation

Austin, Tx (USA)

HID Global has collaborated with software company Alutel Mobility to power employee authentication at Newmont’s polymetallic mine in northeastern Mexico.

HID’s Omnikey readers, Seos credentials, and Alutel Mobility’s solution with Ragtab tablets and Alutel’s mobile app, allow Newmont to safeguard and monitor multiple entry points and car access at rural and underground mine locations, which are often impossible to equip with readers and lack internet connectivity.

“With HID Global and Alutel Mobility’s help, Newmont has been able to establish an innovative access control system that is optimised for our specific needs,” said Daniel Tejeda, project manager at Newmont. “Previously, there was no control over who was on-site. We have gone from zero control to complete control.”

Now, staff members simply tap their Seos credentials to a Ragtab tablet with an embedded HID Omnikey reader. The Alutel Mobility app displays the worker’s photo and data for increased visual verification, and connects with Newmont’s access control platform for authentication. The tablet then displays signals to allow or deny site access. If there is no internet connectivity, the mobile device saves the data collected and verifies once connection has resumed.

Alutel Mobility’s employee verification solution is in full operation at the mining company’s Peñasquito site in Zacatecas, Mexico, and is part of Newmont’s internal digital transformation initiative. Since implementation, the company processes more than 100,000 authentications with HID’s smart cards and mobile IDs each month.

“HID and Alutel Mobility are committed to bringing together our innovative technologies to power convenient and secure access that enables our customers to perform their job functions with confidence,” said Steve Currie, Vice President and Managing Director, Extended Access Technologies with HID Global. “Newmont’s solution delivers a highly secure process that addresses the need for monitoring, managing and authenticating employees in unconventional spaces.”

The successful partnership among HID, Alutel Mobility and Newmont has laid the foundation for the company to examine future use cases to streamline processes, such as employee meal distribution. “This will significantly improve how we deliver lunch boxes to our workers, and there are a number of other potential capabilities to consider as we take advantage of this system’s capabilities for increasing safety and efficiency,” said Tejeda.


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