Global mining operations add value with sophisticated security

Durban, South Africa

Cathexisvision provides sophisticated security for the diverse requirements of Anglogold Ashanti.

When Anglogold Ashanti mining operators needed an all-inclusive security suite that would ensure the smooth running of operations across international borders they selected the Cathexisvision video surveillance management application that provides sophisticated surveillance features to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements for mines across the globe.

Cathexis offers users the ability to make key-decisions, based on intelligent information processing and take automated actions in the control room or command centre environment. Over the years Cathexis has deployed this solution across several vertical markets.

Mining sites are often based far from metropolitan areas with insufficient infrastructure. This makes adequately securing a mine challenging for security. Solutions must account for the threat of breaches, health and safety on-site, and potential strike action. All while providing mining clients with a tangible return on their security and surveillance investment.

Given the stringent requirements of the mining industry, Cathexis has adapted its solution to address challenges and provide clients with a comprehensive solution to protect their assets. One of Cathexis Technologies’ key clients has been Anglogold Ashanti, one of the largest global mining companies worldwide.

Anglogold Ashanti’s African operations include numerous mines and plants across Africa, with locations in South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, and Guinea. The relationship between Cathexis and Anglogold Ashanti came about as a result of the mining operator’s need for an all-inclusive security suite that would ensure the smooth running of operations across international borders.

Cathexisfision’s integration capabilities, as well as its powerful analytics saw the security suite adopted across numerous African locations. Third-party integration capabilities ensure a smooth transition between security suites, while real-time monitoring and adaptability to hostile work environments has made Cathexisvision the ideal solution for mining companies around the world.

Cathexisvision provides a sophisticated management tool that enables operators and managers to function in a multi-tiered control environment with multiple CCTV cameras installed on different sites and locations. The system manages multiple sites from a central command centre.

The solution is characterised by its adaptability to a wide range of vastly different industries. Some of the key features of the mining solution include third-party systems integration; cyber security; smart video search features; video analytics; artificial intelligence; multi-site architecture; preventative health monitoring; alarm management; ANPR; facial recognition and health monitoring.


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