First ONVIF conformant products released

San Ramon, California (USA)

Merit Lilin, a Taiwanese CCTV solution company and ONVIF member, recently released the world's first ONVIF conformant network video products including high speed dome cameras, external IR cameras, and a standalone video encoder.

"We congratulate Merit Lilin on launching the first ONVIF conformant products," says Andreas Schneider, Sony Corporation and chairman of ONVIF's technical services committee. "Having the first conformant products on the market is an important milestone for ONVIF. It also proves that the ONVIF specification, test tool and conformance process enable manufacturers to easily develop and verify ONVIF conformant products, which is key to achieve global interoperability."

The number of ONVIF members is constantly increasing and has now reached more than 70 companies. Furthermore, a recent analysis from IMS Research shows that ONVIF member companies account for nearly 60% of the worldwide market for network video surveillance equipment, "Merit Lilin's announcement further confirms ONVIF's significance in the market. We expect other companies to follow in the near future and it is only a matter of time until we see a wide range of ONVIF conformant products available," says Andreas Schneider.

In order to provide an easy overview of all ONVIF conformant products, ONVIF will include a product listing on the forum's website ( shortly.

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