Exploring a transformative approach in healthcare security

Schaumburg, Il (USA)

Image courtesy of Convergint

The healthcare sector is undergoing a security transformation through a comprehensive strategy that melds AI technology with human insights. At GSX 2023, Convergint and Evolv explored healthcare organisations’ adoption of this layered defence approach, leveraging the synergy of people, AI, and efficient processes to proactively detect and respond to security threats.

During the Techtalk series at the event, the discussion centred on how this fusion of human expertise, AI capabilities, and streamlined processes empowers healthcare organisations to enhance threat detection and response. According to Convergint, this optimised approach not only refines resource allocation but also mitigates risks. Incorporating technology into security protocols further bolsters healthcare organisations, resulting in heightened threat detection accuracy, reduced vulnerabilities, and increased adaptability.

Convergint and Evolv’s innovative approach promises to optimise resource allocation and minimize risks, highlighting the role of technology in modern security frameworks and offering a:

Layered defence strategy

This approach integrates AI technology and human insights to extend security beyond traditional physical barriers.

Proactive threat detection

By combining the strengths of people, AI, and efficient processes, healthcare organisations can proactively detect and respond to security threats. This optimised approach improves resource allocation and reduces risks.

Technology integration

Incorporating technology into security protocols offers numerous benefits, including enhanced threat detection accuracy, minimized vulnerabilities, and increased adaptability. This fusion of people, AI, and technology is key to reinforcing modern security frameworks in the healthcare sector.


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