Euralarm focuses on the aviation sector

Zug, Switzerland

Airbus to host aviation security conference in Bremen in July

In July, EUSAS and Euralarm will organise the second edition of the EUSAS-Euralarm Conference, with a theme of ‘Fire Safety and Security in the Aviation Sector’. The event will be hosted by Airbus and will take place at the Airbus facilities in Bremen, Germany, on July 10th and 11th, 2018.

This will be the second edition of the event, which is already a reference in the field of electronic security and fire research and development (R&D) and which first installment was praised for the high quality of the speeches and presentations delivered.

The conference will focus on fire safety and security in aircraft and airports, as well as the safety of travellers. It will bring together academics, innovators, executives and researchers from the European and US Aviation Industry, as well as from the Fire and Security Industry. Other entities involved in the event are testing institutes, certification bodies and standard developers interested in engineering and fire safety and security technologies applied to the aviation sector.

The organisers of the event are EUSAS, the European Society for Automatic Alarm Systems e.V, a European platform for promoting security and protection engineering, and Euralarm, the European trade association for the electronic fire safety and security Industry and main representative of the industrial sector towards EU Institutions in Brussels.


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