Growth expected for Ethernet switch market

Northampton, UK

The latest data from IHS Inc. shows that 606,000 Ethernet switches were sold for use in video surveillance deployments in 2013. This represents a small proportion of the overall Ethernet switch market right now. However, some 1.6 million switches are forecast to be sold into the video surveillance market in 2018, representing a far more significant proportion of the total market.

According to Aaron Dale, analyst for IHS Inc, large Ethernet switch manufacturers have traditionally tailored their products to cater for general information technology (IT) needs. However, this could change as new, fast-growing markets provide Ethernet switch manufacturers the opportunity to diversify.

The findings are presented in a report that analyses the opportunities for infrastructure and Ethernet switch providers in video surveillance.

Within the report IHS estimates that 24 port switches are the most widely used in video surveillance applications and that the market for Ethernet switches used in video surveillance is also being bolstered by the increasing complexity and scale of video surveillance networks. This is leading end-users to invest in higher specification equipment.

The report also concludes that the total market size for Ethernet switches used in video surveillance in terms of product revenue was estimated at $188.2 million in 2013.

A number of Ethernet switch manufacturers have been quick to capitalise on the growth in this market and have started producing solutions tailored specifically for video surveillance. Two such notable moves were the launch of Avaya’s Fabric Connect solution and the strategic partnership between Extreme Networks and Milestone Systems. IHS expects that in the coming years more Ethernet switch manufacturers will compete to claim their stake in an increasingly attractive market.

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