Eagle Eye Networks partners with Sitasys on cloud integration

Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Solothurn, Switzerland

Eagle Eye Networks, a global leader in cloud video surveillance has joined forces with Sitasys AG to create an enhanced security monitoring platform by implementing a cloud-to-cloud integration of video surveillance and alarm monitoring. This integration allows users to immediately connect Eagle Eye Networks as a VMS into the revolutionary cloud based Evalink alarm management platform from Sitasys.

Sitasys has utilised Eagle Eye Networks Restful API platform and Big Data Video Framework, to rapidly develop and deliver a unique integration between their alarm management Evalink platform and the Eagle Eye Networks cloud-based video surveillance platform. The integrated system allows end users who receive an alarm from their Sitasys system to immediately verify and view the action or incident. In addition the user can index, search, retrieve, and analyze video based on alarms from the Sitasys system. The integration and verification process saves time, reduces operations to a minimum and prevents unnecessary intervention costs.

“It is our goal to create an ecosystem within the physical security industry where users benefit from the best client experiences and services,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “This can be created more easily and quickly through open cloud applications like ours and the Sitasys platform.”

Cloud usage is on the rise in the physical security space leading some vendors to market products using cloud terminology but they are not true cloud services. By showcasing the integration between Sitasys and Eagle Eye Networks, clients will see and feel the enhanced customer experience a cloud-to-cloud integration creates and will have the opportunity to understand the power of a true cloud application.

“With Evalink, we help companies to automate processes and create additional value for their customers,” added Peter Monte, CEO and Founder of Sitasys AG. “Seamless integration of true cloud systems results in a fantastic ecosystem with best in class experience and services for its users. The integration with a cloud video surveillance partner was something we did not have yet and we were keen on creating this to show how simple and intuitive systems can be embedded nowadays while adding exceptional value to the client.”


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