Dvtel helps secure Boston Marathon

Ridgefield Park, NJ (USA)

Sophisticated technologies from Dvtel have helped drive enhanced cooperation, strong security measures and robust communication between multiple agencies during the 2015 Boston Marathon. Dvtel Latitude network video management system (NVMS) and associated cameras were used to safeguard more than 30,000 runners and nearly one million spectators along key race points and spectator viewing areas along the 26.2-mile course.

The enterprise-class Latitude NVMS was chosen to seamlessly merge existing, standalone Dvtel video surveillance systems, typically used by various entities throughout the Metro Boston area for routine monitoring, scene recording and investigations, into a single unified system to achieve new levels of intelligence, and allow race officials and authorised agencies to access comprehensive video footage across the marathon route. Officials monitored activity from multi agency command centers to maximize efforts while ensuring collaboration between law enforcement, event organisers and other aligned stakeholders. Dvtel’s Latitude NVMS provided global situational awareness by linking separate camera networks into a single entity to deliver greater visibility, and provide more insight into safety and security operations.

Since the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, officials at sports and special events throughout the country have elevated their focus on safety, and therefore, have increased investments in surveillance technologies to monitor suspicious acts, mitigate risk, and effectively manage and respond to incidents. Boston has invested in the Dvtel solutions, which are used to help public safety agencies take a more proactive approach to safety while boosting security for high-profile events, such as the Boston Marathon, other key sporting events, and the popular annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

The city has continued to invest in intelligent surveillance solutions to further boost its security efforts. This year, it added new Dvtel Quasar HD cameras, including the Quasar 4K Ultra HD, to ensure high-quality video is captured in high-risk or high-traffic areas along the marathon route. The cameras were selected for their ability to be quickly deployed and will be re-purposed for future events, according to the city’s systems integrator and Dvtel partner Lan-Tel Communications.

“Since the bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon, race officials throughout the country have made security a No. 1 priority,” said Yoav Stern, CEO, Dvtel. “Dvtel is proud to be a part of Boston’s efforts to ensure safety while providing law enforcement with greater visibility to effectively and efficiently respond to incidents. This year’s collaborative efforts were deemed a success, and other race and special event organisers are now looking to Boston as a model for their future security endeavours.”

Dvtel’s role in the security efforts surrounding the Boston Marathon featured in a number of mainstream publications and radio broadcasts, including NPR, WBUR, WGBH and CRN.


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