Digital evidence market gains momentum with technology advances

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According to the latest research from Marketsandmarkets the global digital evidence management market is gaining momentum, with an estimated value of USD 7.7 billion in 2023 and potentially reaching USD 13.6 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 12.1% over the forecast period. Factors such as the increasing volume of digital evidence are positively driving the growth of the digital evidence management market. Furthermore, government initiatives for digital evidence management are also contributing to market growth.

The main area within the digital evidence management market is software, which can then be segmented into evidence analytics and visualisation; evidence security; and evidence collection, storage, and sharing. Evidence analytics and visualisation software enable police forces, private investigators, and government agencies to enhance and digitise their entire evidence process by finding patterns that manage leads and predict criminal activities. Vendors offer a range of digital evidence management software for the imaging, processing, and investigation processes. For instance, the imaging software creates a replica of the data on a drive where investigators perform their investigation process while the original data remains untouched.

Digital investigation & consulting is a major area

Digital investigation and consulting service vendors provide industry, security, and risk experts who hold expertise in mitigating litigations and solving digital evidence legal issues. With a rapid increase in cases related to money laundering, the internet, and cyber crimes, digital investigation and consulting services assist organisations in tracking issues and reducing losses. Some of the digital investigation and consulting services include data recovery and protection, fraud investigation, and crisis management.

North America takes largest share geographically

North America has strong economic countries, such as the US and Canada, which offer the most significant and advanced technological infrastructure. North America is one of the major regional contributors to the global digital evidence management market in terms of market size. Significant players in this region, including IBM, Motorola Solutions, Axon, Oracle, and others, are among the primary drivers boosting the growth of the digital evidence management market in North America.

In the US, police departments understand the need for better quality in-car and body-wear cameras to collect clear video evidence. For example, In 2022, the Torrance Police Department entered into a five-year camera contract with Axon worth USD 2 million. Axon will provide 200 body-worn cameras and 50 in-car cameras in this deal. With such deals, various polices departments are focusing on their ability to gather on-scene evidence and its management. This increased adoption of new technology generates a massive amount of digital evidence, driving the growth of digital evidence management in North America.

Major players operating in digital evidence management and named in the research include Panasonic, Motorola, Nice, Opentext, Axon, Genetec, Cellebrite, Safe Fleet, Vidizmo and IBM. 


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