Dallmeier focuses on video technology in logistics

Regensburg, Germany

Dallmeier Panomera cameras and AI-based object classification are designed to minimise false alarms at the perimeter.

German video technology manufacturer Dallmeier will be presenting video-based solutions for logistics as a sub-exhibitor at the stand of the Mobility & Logistics cluster at Logimat 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany in April later this year.

Standardised image quality

Due to the tense cost situation, logistics companies are increasingly looking for economical solutions with which they can manage their processes efficiently. The patented Panomera multifocal sensor cameras will therefore be the focus of Dallmeier's trade fair presentation. These cameras offer an optimal overall view with any number of detail views in the required image quality according to IEC EN 62676-4, the international standard for video surveillance systems.

See more with fewer cameras

Directly from the control centre, logisticians can monitor different areas with ease and in a way that can be used in court. These include warehouses, loading and shipping areas, swap bodies and hazardous crossings. The results might include, improved claims management, enhanced health and safety, and protected employee and customer relations. At the perimeter, the cameras use AI-based video analytics to classify objects such as people, animals and vehicles, minimising the number of false alarms. Panomera cameras can also reduce the total cost of ownership of video technology by reducing the number of systems, installation points and infrastructure required to monitor large areas and long distances.

Protect sensitive areas with AI video analytics

With over 300 product variants, the Domera® dome camera range is suitable for many other applications in logistics. Up to 4K resolution provides crisp, clear images and the integrated dual matrix LED ring provides IR/white light to illuminate even the darkest corners. In addition, the Domera® camera series offers logistics professionals a wide range of AI-based video analytics applications. For example, the AI Loitering Detection App detects people and evaluates their dwell time in a defined sensitive zone. If the dwell time limit is exceeded, the system triggers an alarm and an integrated speaker can be used to automatically ask the person to leave the area.

Privacy & security by design

Dallmeier develops and manufactures all products at its headquarters in Regensburg, Germany. Extensive functions for data protection and data security ensure that logistics companies can operate video solutions in compliance with the GDPR. This includes features such as the so-called four-eyes principle, which means that the pixelation of persons can only be cancelled if, for example, a works council member is also present.


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