Dallmeier celebrates 25 years in business

Regensburg, Germany

It all started 25 years ago, when Dieter Dallmeier ventured into self-employment. Meanwhile, the Regensburg based company has become a successful global player and is known as a leading supplier of network-based video surveillance systems.

Dallmeier was founded in Regensburg in 1984 by master television technician Dieter Dallmeier and his wife Christina. For many years, the company rested upon these two people. It took quite some time and was not always easy to take the company to where it is now, employing around 300 people. More than once, the business had to overcome hard times of varying length.

Eventually, Dallmeier was able to decisively influence the video surveillance market. The development of the world's first digital video sensor with digital picture memory represents a milestone in the evolution of the industry and rang in the age of digital technology for security equipment. In 1993, the first solution for a petrol station was installed and 1997 saw the launch of the first UVV-Kassen certified bank recorder. That same year, Dallmeier made its breakthrough with the development of the first digital solution for gambling tables by order of the Crown Casino in Australia. Owing to the increasing demand for Dallmeier products and solutions the management was able to stabilise the business situation and lay the foundation for constant growth up to this day. Meanwhile, the products and solutions from Dallmeier are used in numerous projects around the world. Applications range from small systems with a few cameras right up to large-scale projects with several thousand channels.

Responding to the question about the motivation behind the many years of work, Dieter Dallmeier says: "I was driven by mainly one thing: Passion and enthusiasm for developing as well as advancing forward-looking technologies. In doing so, I have never shied away from pursuing unconventional approaches. It has been very rewarding to produce pioneer work in video security technology over all those years. It is still incredibly exciting to repeatedly give new impetus to the market and to see the direct effects that can have on an entire industry."

Trends, whether in the stock market or in technical areas, are very often short-lived. That is why, from the beginning, Dallmeier has been relying on long-term strategies and an uncompromising focus on quality. "Often it isn't easy to recognise technological change early on and incorporate it in one's own development plans at the right time. In this regard we have therefore always been guided by one thought: how can the customer benefit from this technology? We are first and foremost aiming for an optimal implementation of well-engineered and forward-looking inventions which bring real benefit for the customer and operate reliably", Dieter Dallmeier explains.

Worldwide certifications by independent test institutes repeatedly confirm the high quality standard of the Dallmeier systems. This is another area in which the company produced pioneering work early on: In 2002, the DMS 180 III was the world's first digital video recorder to receive the VdS certification. Six years later, Dallmeier again proved that security and reliability truly were the top priorities during the development of products. With the VdS CertiSec Pack, the VdS not just certified an individual CCTV product, but, for the first time ever, a complete video surveillance system.

From the very beginning, Dallmeier has not only felt committed to economic success of its corporate activities. "For me as the founder and head of the company it is equally important that we recognise our social responsibility. With the same energy that the company uses to promote its economic success, it also devotes itself to taking up social responsibility", says Dieter Dallmeier.

Various aspects of Dallmeier's corporate culture prove that this is not just lip service. Dallmeier, for instance, supports a number of aid groups around the world. Environmental protection is also a major concern for Dallmeier and in this regard the company's efforts far exceed the legal regulations. Waste avoidance and low energy consumption during the manufacturing process as well as the use of recyclable materials are equally part of the corporate philosophy, as is the orientation of the product development towards environmentally friendly and ecologically efficient devices.

Regarding future developments, Dieter Dallmeier is optimistic: "I obviously can't predict what the coming years will bring. But I am looking forward to continue working on our vision and face future challenges and to do so together with my wife Christina, my son Thomas, who is already active in the firm and shares my passion, and with all our employees.

We have many ideas and always push the development of trendsetting solutions for video security. In doing so, the requirements of our customers still come first."

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