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Hangzhou, China

Located in the Republic of Tatarstan, Innopolis is the first Russian city for IT professionals which started urban life just five years ago. It was created literally "from scratch". Its entire infrastructure, economy, education and services were built based on high-tech principles: to innovative and to serve the people.

Innopolis Mayor Ruslan Shagaleev, matching his city, is just as young, energetic and focused on the introduction of high-tech innovations for the benefit of the city and its residents. 

The municipal car park in the city used to be a regular underground parking area. In order to get inside, residents either manually pressed a button at the door or swiped an access card on the card reader. No other services were available. The Dahua Smart Parking Solution implemented in Innopolis has transformed the city's car park and at the same time brings innovations to the city, while benefiting its citizens with convenience. 

ANPR entrance control

The new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) application for license plate recognition replaced the previous manual parking access control with a  Dahua ANPR camera installed at the entrance, enabling accurate capture and recognition of pre-registered residents or visitors on the allow-list set by the user. Once the information is matched, the garage door will open accordingly.

Parking space detection

The new Dahua system provides a multitude of benefits including parking space detection, as the smart system guides and informs the drivers about free parking spots in advance. This is done through two-level navigation with green and red LED signs indicating vacant or occupied areas and parking spot detection cameras. In addition to colour, the indicator also shows the number of available parking spaces in each direction. Parking lot owners can customise their areas as required from seven colour options. 

Finding a car

Several find-your-car terminals for customers to easily locate the parking location of their vehicles have also been deployed. Using a touchscreen terminal and entering a license plate number enables the system to locate the vehicle and provide its images to confirm, and if required, the system will display on screen the best route from the terminal to the car.

Comprehensive surveillance

Each detector is also a video camera that can be used in conjunction with storage devices to provide customers with comprehensive video surveillance of what is happening in the car park. Lost objects in the parking area, crowds of people and illegal parking behaviours are also automatically detected. Its integrated surveillance functions include real-time video recording with preview and playback, which can provide relevant evidence in case of disputes or incidents.

Data safety

In order to help the parking lot owner to maintain their own data security responsibilities, the Dahua Smart Parking Solution is a single centralised software package that is installed on one server, making the system more secure. At the same time, access to the video surveillance data is only allowed for people with IT system administrator authorisation.

“Innopolis is a symbol of modern Tatarstan and its advanced technologies. The launch of a high-tech project, which is unique for the entire Russian Federation, is becoming a landmark event for the republic.” Said Dias Safin, Head of the Regional Office of Dahua in the Volga Federal District. “This is the optimal solution for a densely populated modern city where parking problems are severe.” Safin emphasised.

The Dahua Smart Parking Solution also provides other advantages such as bi-analytics capabilities, allowing them to analyse user behaviour when parking, as well as to calculate the average parking time, peak time, vacancy rate, the most popular parking floors, etc.

The authorites are planning the next stage of the project, which will be to integrate it with the payment system, as the Dahua Smart Parking solution supports various types of parking spaces, allowing usage of different payment options. 


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