Dahua achieves 45% growth in 2011

Hangzhou, China and Taipei, Taiwan

Despite the worldwide economic recession in recent times, Dahua has received wide recognition from customers from different vertical markets. Though the regional market niches vary from one to another, Dahua's turnover growth reached more than 45% throughout last year, ranking them as 10th in 2011 in the Security 50, which demonstrates the company's efforts in enhancing production capability and marketing strategy. The company also celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2011.
Due to the integration of core competence and business expansion, and through the integration of sales channels and the optimisation of supply chain as well as the stretch of foreign business, the total revenue for 2011 reached around US$ 350 million demonstrating an increase of 45% compared to the previous year. Overseas revenue accounted for US$ 85 million, i.e. 58% of the total turnover. The company's profits were calculated at around US$ 65 million, rising by 43% from the year before.

For the future Dahua plans to develop new cost-effective DVRs at the entry level, providing further affordable solutions that differentiate them from homogeneous products. The integration of network camera to NVR will be a challenge. “We hope to refine our market via integration and optimisation of the back-end software,” said James Wang, Product Manager for the International Department, “We are looking forward to accomplishing both routing and network capability at the same time.”

In the face of the demand of high definition, intelligence and networking, Dahua insists on taking the customer’s needs as priority, working on upgrading the product structure through strong R&D ability and market accumulation. Through 2011, Dahua launched storage products based on the N6 platform, this DVR has grown to a system from a single product by the innovative promotion of version 3.0.

The product plan in 2012 will refine the full series of video surveillance products. After launching the 700 TVL series analogue camera, Dahua will complete the range of cameras with 1.3-, 2.0-, 3.0- and 5.0-megapixel HD camera to add to the anlogue cameras, as well as their infrared products.

“Since the back-end device market has already been saturated,” said Wang, “the revenue growth of this year will largely depend on the sales volume of front-end device. The network camera for the overseas sales volume increased six times and remains to be the key segment of the production line.” Furthermore, the company has offered a one-stop shopping solution to better serve customers’ demands, ranging from the display, video door phone to intelligent lock (fingerprint, biometrics).

According to Wang, the optimisation of software will become one of Dahua’s endeavored directions in the new year to come, some intelligent mobile devices such as Iphone, Ipad are quite popular, therefore the application software should be more scalable to the mobile users.

“As a challenger, Dahua should not only build its branding but also try better to meet customer’s needs. That keep supporting our partners will continue to be our focus for the years to come,” emphasized Chen, the vice president of Dahua, “Our ultimate goal is to become a total solution provider by all means.”

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