Convergint & Genetec team up to streamline airport badging system

Chicago, Il (USA) and Montreal, Canada

Streamlining the airport badging process allows organisations to operate more efficiently.

Convergint recently deployed a turnkey, streamlined badging solution at a large airport in Southwest United States. Together, Convergint worked with Genetec to ensure the safety and security of the airport’s staff, passengers, and facilities, while improving operational efficiencies and compliance.

To keep airport employees and passengers safe, airports must comply with strict regulations regarding the credentialing of staff through complex and time-consuming badging processes. All individuals needing access to secure areas of commercial airports must undergo background checks before being granted badges that allow them unescorted access to secure areas. This application process can be inefficient, paper-driven, prone to error, and overly complex, so it is beneficial to automate and simplify it.

Some exampled of the main benefits derived from the system include minimizing the potential for human error that comes with disparate systems and manual processing; the ability to meet audit and compliance requirements set by authorities, such as the TSA and FAA; eliminating system upgrade issues that come with integrating multiple systems; and, the benefit of customised dashboards to showcase insights, such as real-time applicant status, to improve awareness of airport badging operations and make more informed decisions.

With sophisticated software and a truly unified platform that provides complete means of managing badging lifecycles from start to finish on a single pane of glass, streamlining the airport badging process allows organisations to operate more efficiently.  All this can result in lower overhead costs, reduced system and server maintenance, improved operational efficiencies and effective regulatory compliance.

With this system Convergint provides customisable, scalable security solutions for aviation infrastructure to enhance operational awareness and optimise the passenger experience. Paired with end-to-end security services, Convergint offers comprehensive support, including asset management, monitoring, cyber security, and preventative maintenance.


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