Consumer IAM market continues to thrive

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According to a research report on the Consumer IAM Market by with a global forecast to 2028 published by Marketsandmarkets, the CIAM market size is projected to grow from USD 8.6 billion in 2023 to USD 18.1 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 16.2% during the forecast period. The rise in identity and authentication fraud and the demand to deliver a frictionless customer experience drives the growth of the CIAM market. However, analysts suggest that the difficulties addressing the complexity of advanced threats may hinder market growth.

The services provided by security vendors aim to help customers effectively utilise and manage CIAM. These vendors offer various types of support, including consulting, training, education, and ongoing assistance. Their primary focus is to assist organisations in meeting their business objectives using their CIAM products. Vendors employ up-to-date techniques, comprehensive strategies, and expertise to address the security needs of organisations. They also provide tailored implementation and risk assessment and help deploy CIAM according to industry best practices.

Integration and deployment strategies

Integration and deployment services are provided by experienced industry experts, domain specialists, and security professionals. These professionals assist organisations in designing and implementing effective CIAM strategies, mitigating risks, preventing revenue losses, and enhancing security within their existing information systems. These services are particularly crucial for non-IT companies with the expertise to navigate complex security technologies and safeguard their organisational data. By leveraging integration and deployment services, organisations can tap into the knowledge and guidance of experts to ensure a robust and secure CIAM implementation.

Strong growth potential in Asia Pacific region 

Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region in the CIAM market, according to the report, with promising growth opportunities in China, Japan, India, and other developing countries. The Asia Pacific area has undergone tremendous economic growth, political transformation, and social change in recent years. Digitalisation in the Asia Pacific market has accelerated due to increased internet use, expanding mobile connection, rising smartphone use, and an expanding tech-savvy populace. Companies in all the verticals in the Asia Pacific have introduced innovative digital financial services. Digitisation has helped organisations expand their reach to a wide population in the region.

According to Adobe's new 2022 Digital Trends: APAC in Focus research, 77% of Asia Pacific (APAC) firms reported a spike in new consumers through digital channels during the previous 18 months, and 76% observed new customer journeys. Rapid digitisation in various industries has widened the opportunity for risks involving identities. More personal and sensitive data is exchanged and kept digitally as more services, transactions, and interactions occur online. Cyber criminals can use these chances to attack people and organisations for fraud and identity theft, which has increased the demand for effective CIAM solutions by organisations and governments.

Major players

Some of the main players in the CIAM market include, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Broadcom, Okta, Akami Technologies, Ping Identity, Forgerock, Loginradius, HID Global, Manageengine, Widasconcepts, Acuant, Omada, Onewelcome, Globalsign, Ubisecure, Secureauth, WSO2, AWS, Simeio Solutions, Auth0,Cyberark, Onelogin, Trusona, Fusionauth, IDnow, Strata Identity, and Evident. 


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