College takes robust and flexible approach to campus security

Belfast, UK

The College has also implemented AC2000 Smartcard Utility application for smartcard key management

The City of Glasgow College along with integrators FES Ltd have selected CEM Systems’ AC2000 access control solution and CEM Systems’ range of intelligent readers to be an integral part of the security system to restrict access to offices, circulation areas, classrooms and student accommodation.

City of Glasgow College is one of Scotland’s largest Colleges, the result of the merger of three colleges in the city. Home to 32,500 students and 1,200 staff, the College is a busy environment and required a flexible security solution that can be extended and upgraded to meet the College’s growing requirements.

“For this project it was essential that the security solution we recommended was robust and technologically advanced”, said a spokesperson from FES Ltd. “CEM Systems’ AC2000 access control system and hardware were chosen due to the wealth of features the solution possesses and its virtually limitless expandability.”

CEM Systems’ AC2000 is a powerful access control solution that comes with a comprehensive range of software applications that enhance site operations. The City of Glasgow College will utilise both AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging & Pass Production System), which allows users to design professional, quality ID passes which can include text, logos, graphics, photos, barcodes and signatures, and AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display). AC2000 AED provides a dynamic and real-time graphical view of all alarms and events that occur on the AC2000 system.

The College has also implemented AC2000 Smartcard Utility application which is a convenient and flexible approach to smartcard key management by allowing users to take full ownership of their smartcard personalisation process. Additionally, if encryption keys become compromised, updates can be implemented with minimal impact to security and daily operations using the AC2000 Smartcard Utility.

Securing over 1,000 doors throughout the College’s campus’ will be Salto Sallis wireless locks and CEM Systems’ Spass reader, a low cost, contactless smart card reader with powerful security and encryption features. The Spass reader utilises AES 128-bit encryption and highly secure Desfire EV1 card technology. When used with the CEM Systems’ EDCM 350, an IP two door controller, the Spass is a highly secure and cost effective solution that helps combat the threat of card cloning.

“The AC2000 system offers City of Glasgow College a powerful and fully integrated security management system with an unparalleled collection of security applications and reader types that enhance security and customer operations.” said Philip Verner, Regional Sales Director, EMEA, CEM Systems. “AC2000 Smartcard Utility allows the college to take full ownership of their smartcard personalisation process, enabling a multi-function single card solution.”

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