CNL PSIM wins contract for major US port project

Indianapolis, In (USA)

The CNL Ipsecuritycenter PSIM solution has been deployed to help protect a major US multi-billion dollar port organisation, which runs terminals and shipping services used by government, leisure & commercial passengers and freight distribution operations.
Port security by its very nature, requires the organisation to have complete situational awareness at all times as risks to facilities constantly change and can have catastrophic effects far beyond the site perimeter. This includes the security of the ports, buildings and equipment, perimeter protection, access control and the safety of staff, passengers, vehicles, vessels and cargo moving through the port and its terminals.

The port authority has established a command centre using Ipsecuritycenter PSIM to provide a common platform with central monitoring and storage capability to share video data from independent CCTV systems at several of their facilities. During an emergency, the command centre is able to give selective remote access to video surveillance for the city’s emergency management team.

“Managing CCTV footage was an important part of this project but beyond this, Ipsecuritycenter has provided the port with a completely integrated security system, which effectively manages all security resources, processes and people,” explains Matthew Kushner, President - CNL Americas. “This allows operators to have real time situation awareness of potential threats and offers high levels of emergency preparedness. Utilising existing security systems rather than replacing the entire security estate has ensured a cost effective way to achieve this.”

CNL Software has deployed Ipsecuritycenter at several other major port locations across the US, including its recently announced deployment at the Washington State Department of Transportation, Ferries Division; helping Ipsecuritycenter to become the PSIM of choice for many port security operations.

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