Civintec appoints Seriline as exclusive distributor in Europe

Shenzhen, China

In the agreement, Civintec appoints Seriline as the exclusive distributor of Cidron/Crystal RFID readers in Europe and of Utouch/Crystal terminals in the Nordic countries.

Civintec has formed a partnership agreement with Seriline to become its exclusive distributor of the Civintec Cidron and Crystal product ranges in Europe.

Seriline and Civintec, the supplier of Cidron readers and other high-level security products such as Crystal and Utouch have enter in to a partnership agreement for exclusivity distribution of Civintec’s product ranges Cidron and Crystal.

Seriline will invest in business development and market growth for Cidron and Crystal. But first, focus will be on existing customers, the expanding of new customers will come over time,” says Freddie Parrman CEO of Seriline.

We know since before that the Cidron reader product range have been a great success on the reader OEM market since the products was introduced in the end of 2014. To now have the opportunity in a close cooperation with the product owner and the supplier Civintec continue this journey is a great opportunity for Seriline to growth our business and explore new market shares. The focus right now is to support the customers in the best way and develop a full eco-system around the Cidron reader family.

Sally L.J. Fang president of Civintec Global is happy about the new cooperation with Seriline and looks forward to the future. To secure and establish the successful reader business in Scandinavia and Europe for Cidron together with Seriline I know will fulfill my expectations. Seriline’s product knowledge and customer service and support will meet what’s are required from the high-level clients that today a using Cidron products for their security business.

Seriline’s core business suite very well in to the reader business and Seriline are the right partner to also develop the reader business in Europe with our product portfolio that except for Cidron also including Crystal readers and terminals. Civintec will continue to develop and provide products in a cooperation with Seriline that will meet the security expectations and requirement’s in the very best way. We will also expand the business to the global market which also will create more and new opportunities both for our future cooperation but also for development of the products Civintec will supply says Sally L.J. Fang.

Peter Bergström, CEO of Civintec Europe says: “The Cidron product range is a result of a huge experience from the OEM reader business and a cooperation between an innovative hi-tech R&D and manufacturing company and key players from the Nordic and European security market. We are very proud of how we have provided development as well as manufacturing services for the Cidron RFID reader and accessories. Today Cidron is one of the best RFID readers available on the market, and with its customization possibilities and accessory range I dare to say it is unique. Cidron has increased its market share a lot during the last two years, especially in the Nordic countries. The addition of the Cidron reader range products to Civintec’s standard product portfolio gives our cooperation with Seriline countless new opportunities. Our ambition has always been to provide innovative products with a high level of quality that meet any client’s requirements on a global scale.”


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