CDVI partners with Ievo to enhance its biometric applications

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear (UK) and Paris, France

Supplier of access control solutions CDVI has joined forces with Ievo to enhance its biometric portfolio and provide more secure, efficient use of fingerprint technology with its applications.
Both multi-spectral fingerprint readers from Ievo; Ultimate and Micro will be seamlessly integrated into CDVI’s leading Centaur access control module, renowned for its flexibility and performance.

According to the Ievo, CDVI has chosen to partner with Ievo due to the indisputable capabilities of their product range. Unlike standard fingerprint readers, Ievo’s multi-spectral sensors are unaffected by variations in fingerprint quality including levels of dirt, oil, grease, powders and moisture as well as in even the harshest weather conditions, for example freezing temperatures, rain and sunlight.

Daniel Phillips, CDVI’s Operations Manager for the UK division comments on the integration saying, “With database level integration between CDVI’s Centaur access control platform and the Ievo software, we have increased the feasibility of large scale sites using biometric credentials, whilst reducing installation time and human error in duplicating access rights. Providing powerful integrated access control with Centaur and excellent reading capability with Ievo, this integration is sure to make installation faster and more secure and will benefit both CDVI’s and Ievo customer base. We look forward to working with Ievo and further strengthening the integration between our product ranges.

Commenting on the partnership, Shaun Oakes, Managing Director of Ievo says, “The Ievo fingerprint reader has been designed from the outset to easily integrate into established and market leading systems such as CDVI’s Centaur module. Our innovative products provide customers with a reliable and simplistic biometrics that are fully functional in certain adverse environments. Providing a superior quality access control solution is imperative to our business ethos and something we clearly share with CDVI, and through this we eagerly anticipate generating new prospects for both companies”

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