Axis puts focus on cyber security

Las Vegas, Nv (USA)

Magic opening at the security exhibition in Las Vegas. Håkan Hansson, global product manager for Axis’ audio solutions, played the magician during Axis press meeting just hours before ISC West opened. Axis co-founder Martin Gren, holding the new network radar detector, , and Fredrik Nilsson, the VP of Americas, Axis, , were both very satisfied with the response to the presentation.

ISC West in Las Vegas opened on yesterday and just an hour before the opening Axis held a press meeting where the company revealed its latest news. Of course some new cameras were part of the presentation but the overall message of the press meeting was that IoT and cyber security is of the highest priority for the company.

Axis Communications, announced the Axis FA series with modular cameras for highly discreet, cost-efficient video surveillance, and three new additions to the Axis P13 Series that offer 4K resolution in full frame rate and that enable coverage of large areas with high image detail. Axis explained also that the visitors to ISC West are invited to the Axis stand for a preview of a selection of products that will be launched later this year including new high resolution fixed domes in the Axis M30 Series, Axis P32 Series, and Axis Q35 Series.

At the press meeting Axis also brought up video analysis and people counting and the benefits of the company´s latest network loudspeakers. In both cases there is not a particular focus on security with these products, but they do offer important added values for the customers of IP video surveillance products.

However, the most notable part of the presentation was when the co-founder of Axis, Martin Gren revealed the newest Axis technology, namely the Axis D2050-VE Network Radar Detector. This outdoor motion detector with radar technology can provide cost-efficient perimeter protection and decrease false alarms. It is a great complement to existing surveillance solutions in smaller outdoor areas, such as warehouse perimeters and construction sites, that need monitoring after-hours.

“We are excited to attend ISC West and to showcase our products and solutions there,” said Fredrik Nilsson, VP, Americas, Axis Communications, Inc.

“AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector, our newest technology will be on display and can provide accurate and reliable day and night detection, fewer false alarms, which lowers costs and can also integrate into existing security and surveillance systems.”

Fredrik also brought up cyber security as an increasing threat, especially as the market for the Internet of Things is growing fast and the majority of IoT-devices have poor protection against cyber security threats. But as Fredrik Nilsson also said, preventing cyber security attacks is not just about product choices, it is a lot about having the right security policies within organisations. Fredrik Nilsson claimed that Axis has always considered cyber security. As an example of that, he mentioned that their products are always produced by Axis, in order to have control over what is inside each device. He also said that Axis will work to spread educational information for partners and end users on how to prevent cyber security risks.


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