Amazon and Ring extend lead in US smart home market

Addison, Tx (USA)

Graphics courtesy of Parks Associates

New research from Parks Associates shows Amazon Echo/Alexa and Ring have expanded their lead as the most used platforms for smart home controls. The Smart Home Dashboard reports that among households who use a control platform or assistant, 40% use a Ring or Amazon Echo/Alexa platform most frequently, an increase from 33% in 2020.

“Control platforms are a critical influencer on device choice for consumers,” said Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein, VP Marketing, Parks Associates. “The leading platform players that also offer branded hardware seek to create an ‘ecosystem effect’ that encourages brand loyalty and repeat purchases. Through the rapid growth of Ring and Nest, Amazon and Google have increased their influence on the smart home and security industry.”

Parks Associates’ Consumer Dashboard services help visualise the firm’s research and highlight the most important metrics informing the strategic decision making of companies across the connected home and IoT landscape. This most recent Parks data highlights:

  • 43% of US internet households now own a security solution. and 32% subscribe to a security service.
  • 60% of US households with self-monitoring believe it keeps them just as safe as professional monitoring.

The platform is central to the experience, as a unified hub enables seamless communication and control across diverse devices, simplifying user interaction and enhancing interoperability. It allows for centralised control and customisation, enabling users to easily manage their devices and create automated routines for increased convenience and efficiency.

Parks Associates will be tracking the latest security announcements at ISC West, a key event for the security industry. The firm will present its latest research and analyst insights for the smart home and security industry at its 28th annual Connections: The Premier Connected Home Conference, set to be hosted in May, at the Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park Hotel in Plano, Texas.


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