Allianz Parque secured with Dahua AI solution

Hangzhou, China

The management of Allianz Parque constantly invests in advanced technology and new solutions to keep the project in line with the most current standards of innovation in the world

With an eye on the market, the management of Allianz Parque, one of the most modern multipurpose arenas in Latin America, constantly invests in advanced technology and new solutions to keep the project in line with the most current standards of innovation in the world. The latest are the intelligent video surveillance cameras from Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider.

The stadium not only meets FIFA standards but has also been awarded various prizes including the Master Award in the 11th edition of the Grand Prize for Corporate Architecture, the Accessibility Seal, delivered by the Permanent Accessibility Commission (CPA), and the "Environmental Management of the Surroundings of the Work" award, at the 3rd Health and Safety at Work Seconci Award. Capable of performing data analysis and facial recognition, the company's system adds innovation to the arena safety project.

The latest new Dahua cameras with embedded artificial intelligence systems could help the security team of the arena work more efficiently and productively, so that the stadium is capable of dealing with different kinds of scenarios, such as large-scale concerts, major celebrations and, especially, football matches at Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras.

The installation of the entire system took around 90 days. According to the General Manager of Allianz Parque, the biggest challenge is to implement the new system with the arena in operation. "We have to carry out the replacement without any impact to the security team. But with the support of the Dahua Technology team, we are able to do the job quietly without any major changes in our initial planning,” explained Rigotto.

In the project, devices with latest generation embedded artificial intelligence technologies were used. Many of their functions go beyond an image captured by an ordinary camera. The panoramic camera with four 8 Megapixel CMOS sensors, DH-IPC-PF83230-A180, generates a single 180-degree image of 32MP using H.265 compression technique. The PTZ-style positioning camera, SD6CE245UN-HNI, features with various technologies, such as Starlight, which allows viewing of images in very light colours (less than 0.005lux); it has a 45x zoom system, plus an infrared illumination that can reach 250 metres away.  The portable recorder, MPT310, used with lapel cameras, making recording and transmission of high-definition audio and video online from the point of view of the agent close to the events.  Another special network camera, DH-IPC-HFW8242EN-Z4FD-IRA-LED, captures human faces through AI algorithm, embedded in a chip with Deep Learning Technology; it gives the facial detection server a good deal of processing work, since the camera itself locates the faces of the video image and analyzes attributes such as gender, age, facial expressions and whether it has glasses. 

The Network camera recorder and face database manager, DHI-IVSS7016DR-4T, works in conjunction with the CMS DSS PRO that makes the recording of the videos in the network, in addition to managing and analysing the faces pre-registered in the database of employees and service providers of Allianz Parque. Users can also set a black list and the recorder will alert once unauthorised persons are detected in a certain sector. The server can, in real time, work by processing the input stream at the gate opening, being able to recognise up to 40 faces per second in the arena, detecting the faces and comparing them with the database prepared to issue field safety alerts in up to a few seconds;

In the project, a video wall built up  with 6 x 46-inch LCD screens (DHL460UCM-ES) and a Dahua controller (NVD0905DH-4I-4K) that forms a 2x3 matrix displays 4K, live images, advertisements and bulletins in a professional manner.

"We are very proud to have this partnership with Dahua Technology. Through it, today, Allianz Parque now has a state-of-the-art facial recognition system, which has artificial intelligence and data analysis, and can be integrated into the public safety team system,” emphasized Eduardo Rigotto, General Manager of Allianz Parque. Rigotto pointed out that there are always possibilities for modernisation. "The market has changed in five years and in order to keep us in the lead as an inspiration for other spaces, we need to continue investing in new technologies," he said.


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