Airlive surveillance secures retailer

Manila, The Philippines

Airlive's surveillance solution is linking each of 14 single systems together for the retailer thoughout each of his branches around Manila, and allows him to monitor every shop remotely.
The request from the digital camera shop owner involved the requirement to monitor each of his 14 shops at the same time, and it had to offer the ability to achieve high resolution pictures for face recognition, to record video archives for 7 days at least, and to centralise and distribute the storage over the internet.

Since the bandwidth of the internet at each camera shop location is limited, the customer needed a high compression rate IP camera to obtain best performance but with the most economic bandwidth consumption. The management of storing video for various camera shops via thhe network was another challenge. As the retailer required both local recording and remote recording, Airlive’s distributor decided to provide two storage methods concurrently.

In order to meet the requirements for an aesthetically pleasing yet effective performance, and considering that the client is a professional with experitise in this field, the Airlive IP-200PHD-24 compact sized HD resolution IP camera was selected for deployment in each shop. In addition the Airlive PoE-FSH8PW is deployed as a networking and power provider device.

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