ADE partners with Lynred on IR detector use in care sector

Taipei, Taiwan

Jeffreey Chew (Left), CEO of ADE and Jean-Francois Delepau, Chairman of Lynred

ADE Technology, a total solutions provider in developing visual technology for the professional surveillance market, will be deploying Lynred thermal sensors to develop new systems for emerging applications in Taiwan, from medical care and assisted living for the elderly to livestock management.

Lynred, a designer and manufacturer of high quality infrared technologies for aerospace, defence and commercial markets, has secured a large volume contract for its 80x80 infrared detectors from ADE Technology Inc., an advanced technology integrator. This is the first time that Lynred has signed with the Taiwan-based company, a provider of fully off-the-shelf or tailored solutions for security, healthcare, farming management and residential markets.

ADE Technology will integrate high volumes of infrared detectors from Lynred, with the aim of developing for the market a first-of-its-kind system. This system will be designed with multi-sensors, including thermal imagery, and it will be designed to provide monitor and display real-time data on vital signs in applications for the medical care of people and animals. 

“Lynred is pleased to supply ADE Technology with thermal imaging solutions in an 80x80 format that, in association with other technologies, will enable it to introduce to the market a 24/7 monitoring solution for the elderly and other systems that assist in medical care,” said Jean-François Delepau, chairman of Lynred. “The opening up of the Taiwanese market in recent years has led to new market opportunities and demands. Lynred is well-equipped with innovations and its business model permits the commercial independence that can help system integrators in this region fulfil the promise of emerging applications.”

“There are more and more applications in the comprehensive care industry. We are keen to collaborate with Lynred on preserving individual well-being and protecting people from health hazards,” said Jeffrey Chew, CEO and CRO of ADE Technology Inc. “With these state-of-the-art thermal sensors from Lynred, we can build custom systems for emerging applications and perfectly meet the needs of our clients.”


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